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 Added 06-04-03, Changed; 15/05/2012, 14/09/09
TW CND Leaflet composed by Cllr. Val Catt with electronic entry by myself.  

  1989 Vigil on the Pantiles.

There were many good Hirshima/Nagasaki day leaflets created locally + A sculpture of the church directly under the bomb which remained partly standing despite the completely flatterned builds all around. This is the only leaflet I have from TW CND's period during Thatcher times.


6th August,
9th August,
1945 In Memoriam

A silent vigil will be held on the
 Pantiles on 3rd August 1991 between
 2.30 + 4.00 p.m

 PEACE FORUM. Grassroots, The Mews,
 71-73 Camden Rd, Tunbridge Wells.
 This is a silent vigil:

    to remember the holocaust
that happened 46 years ago when atomic bombs
were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

    to protest against War, and famine happening
in the third world today, Often made worse
by the arms trade, and the resource needs
of the first world,

    hoping for a world without nuclear weapons,
caring for the needs of people, and the
environment instead.

"Hier stehe ich. lch kann nicht anders"
("Here I stand, I can do no other.")
Martin Luther 1521

Please join us for a while.