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John Harold Lohmann 1929-2002

 Created 2002, last changed 04/01/2013, 08/08/2015

A photo I took of my dad at Winchelsee town National Garden scheme open day, John Lohmann at June 1929 - January 2002. Both of us were probably using out Olympus XA's as you can see my dad holding.


Some photos I took when dad and I were out together during his time in the nursing home.

Some photos of the Castle in The Rocks (St. Mary’s) Hastings & others dad took before his stroke.
Cactus – Opening shopping centre in Hastings 1997 – St. Davids, VegiVenture - Unknown and Picton

John Harold Lohmann – 1929-2002 ** biography (dad1last.doc)
John Harold Lohmann – 1929-2002 ** singing in the rain (dad_last.doc)
John Harold Lohmann – 1929-2002 ** Funeral notice (dad2last.doc)
John Harold Lohmann – 1929-2002 ** Order of service on 16 Jan. (dad3last.doc)

Some Picture dad took then processed and printed them in the 1970′s to teaching himself:
1) When you are this small your legs having to work hard to climb up the sandunes (Woolacomb North Devon). I thought I would not make it. ~1961 dad took this with granny’s old Agfa two and a quarter square formate portrait camera she had lent him. Dad said the lens was purposely slightly soft so that it was kind to subject of the portrait.
2) Dad said Avril was very photogenic, and I had been when smaller.
3) This Chinese guy would carry anything even soil for a dollar a day in 1948/9 apparently.
4) Passport Photo of me.

My sister Avril in 1970′s. The camera may have been an Exa (light weight Exakta) or Exakta (SLR), or his earlier Russian (Zenit) camera with coupled range finder and integral meter (not through the lens though). In about 1975 dad purchased his Cannon AE1, which is about the best camera I have come across, though I sometimes forget to set it properly before taking photos. Dad specifically lent both of them, and the Yashicamat permanently to me. The Yashicamat which is two and a quarter inch square format takes slides so sharp, dad said, that you can step into those pictures, but you should see the pictures he processed and printed many are at least a meter high, and can not be said to be kind to the subject (soft).
Singapore or Penang? taken with dads two and a quarter square format Muyama. I think dad said this camera was a cheap Chinese copy of a German camera and at least as good.

North Devon in 1951.

Hope you find Dads photos printed in the 1970′s entertaining, his mother-in-law (granny) gave him some professional family secrets on printing photos which he was for ever grateful for. By the end of the 1980′s dad’s photography and processing was the bees-knees. The camera may have been granny's 2 1/4 inch format Agfa.
I cruised to the West Indies in 1976 and 1978 with P&O. to St Marten, Antigua, Barbados, Martinique – they are I understand different to US Grenada. Significantly Limo dancing was just amazing at 9″ the dancers turn there head and sideways and cleared the ground and the bar by an inch. The music is so powerfully, and every where, that it pulls you on to your feet and makes you dance. Children dive in the harbour for pennies – Bee Wee (British West Indies dollar) cents. Smaller children are brought up with no sense of money and give pennies they are given to other people, whilst humming birds fly between flowers at the edge of the wonderful sandy beach, and brightly coloured fish swim at your feet in the beautiful clear blue sea. The Rum punch, and food was wonderful, And I still have the Straw hat and the flower sack t-shirt.