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Created; < 2009, changed; 14/09/09, 11/04/2012

Extracts from a Letter to Local press on Park and Ride June 1997

* There are a number of reasons why the Park and Ride scheme from 
Pembury and another four areas should not have been approved. For 
example a shift away from regular buses, and an increase in car traffic 
with no reduction in the town traffic. Arguments against were put by all 
political groups, but to no avail. Two of the areas selected are in 
neighbouring East Sussex and their local plan is clearly against those 
sites. Has the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan been compromised? It does 
not say the scheme has to go ahead, just that if it does the scale must 
be large enough to work.

* People have expressed, in Southborough, a need for buses, such as 
from central Tunbridge Wells to Pembury on a Sunday, they can get 
from Southborough to Tunbridge Wells. The bus is needed to visit 
relatives in Pembury Hospital. Contrary to the Borough Councillors, I 
believe buses are good because they are environmentally sustainable, 
when used instead of cars. More car traffic, Park and cheap Ride is not.

Andrew Lohmann