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Family Tree for myself and my parents much as told to me as a child but checked with relatives. More to do and consequently no guarantee of accuracy or spin. I have attempted to reflected the story as it was told adding my own interpretation.

Malcolm & Connie Pettitt related to John Berkeley Herman Lohmann 1831-1904 contacted my father and gave me information and pictures on a part of the Lohmann family in Hastings. I have included a small part of the information they gave. There are other variations between the book on the cricketer George Lohmann.

Family Tree of Brailsford & connection to Brailsford, near Derby.
Family connection to Dameral & line to naval captain in Plymouth in 1500′s
Family Tree of Fagg
Family connection to Greenfield
Family Tree of Lohmann
Family Tree of Parken & connection to Homer Park, Brentor, Nr. Plymouth.
Family connection to Geake & Philips
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