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Family Tree for myself and my parents much as told to me as a child but checked with relatives. More to do and consequently no guarantee of accuracy or spin. I have attempted to reflected the story as it was told adding my own interpretation.

Malcolm & Connie Pettitt related to John Berkeley Herman Lohmann 1831-1904 contacted my father and gave me information and pictures on a part of the Lohmann family in Hastings. I have included a small part of the information they gave. There are other variations between the book on the cricketer George Lohmann.

Family Tree of Brailsford & connection to Brailsford, near Derby.
Family connection to Dameral & line to naval captain in Plymouth in 1500′s
Family Tree of Fagg
Family connection to Greenfield
Family Tree of Lohmann
Family Tree of Parken & connection to Homer Park, Brentor, Nr. Plymouth.
Family connection to Geake & Philips

------------------------------  New to come - work in progress just now -----------------------
  • Dameral shares a page   This page is not available yet.
  • Greenfeild shares a page   This page is not available yet.
  • Geeke & Philips shares a page   This page is not available yet.

  • My family tree is at website; is fixed width to maintain the formatting;
    • This has not worked out and is hard to work on using spaces but does not tabulate columns nicely.
    • In any case Google Sites (the host and template provider) are closing down in 2021 so in due cause the site will need to be transferred and that probably will not support these webpages.
  • I am looking at alternatives;
    • - Free - Used for Lohmann & Fagg second site; Parken Brailsford primarily
      • Limited to 250 cards (people) 500MB for each site.  You can have a number of sites I am using three sites at the moment.
      • Windows off-line tool which links to the on-line tool it is important because both the website and the windows tools have different useful editing tools.  Work can be carried out in either then exported to gencom format.
      • US based.  Firefox warns that 91 million accounts were compromised two years ago.
      • Gramps imports with a number of errors but the tree looks good.  But the combination of Windows tool and the on-line website works well maybe better?
      • On-line imports and exports gencom format.
    • I have also got a free account 
      • This appears to be a good on-line wiki 
        • Limitations - number of levels. Unknown.
      • Can export gencom.
        • Gramps imports with a number of errors but the tree looks good.
        • Limitation - only part of the online data appears to be downloadable?
      • Will import gencom.
      • Appears to be UK based but prices are in USD?
    • Gramps Linux Tool -- this will import from gencom but although some detail is lost the family tree looks okay.  It looks as if I can export as a web-page?
      • I have a single web-page hosted by Freeola which I could upload the basic family tree to.  FileZilla which I used to use for managing web-pages was very good. 
      • Gramps also has its own xml based format which save more detail - notes for example.
    • Google Chrome extension (MyHeritage) 
      • Said to be difficult to use. On the other-hand  it might integrate well with my google hosted web-site?
      • Church of latter-day Saints
      • Advice websites and software list.
    • I have been recommended RootMagic software for PC. by Facebook Fugal Ancestry
      • This can output a tree and story format which looks like it will do what I am looking for.
      • Wordpress
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