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 Hever Castle in Kent

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Please see my family tree if you are keen to read it, electronics design is what I do for money and interest - I have a page on, Linux v Windows and my pages on Electronics explains with examples how to make things work well.  Those things have shaped my perspective please have a look at my project Doctor Who or perhaps Motive and Change. Photos, jokes, viewpoint, community, no war, transportation and environmental pages as well.  There will be errors and differences of perception.  I can be contacted contact@domain_name or comment on my blog.

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People can read what they like in to what is said, see, or what is portrayed in humour. Benny Hill makes a fool of himself, portrays certain stereotypes and invites ridicule of those types. You can take something else from what I have written whether I like it or not. But I will have contributed to the sum total of understanding - That is what we pass on to others.Some of the videos on this website will disappear from time to time. I don't have copies of them, what you see is the original video displayed. I use the videos to illustrate points that I am making. If they are film or TV and you want to watch the full length original video you will need to find those yourself.


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Buy an old bike they really are lighter to pedal and more robust than modern bikes.  Better made than most things of any time.

Raleigh Bicycles made before 1960/61 were made to last 100 years and are made the same as "super bikes".   That is with the same very light to pedal transmission robust hub-gears, long-wheel-base that allows the bike to take the bumps easily without noticeably taking power (the bike feels like it flies over the bumps).  These medal winning racing and regular bicycles sold with a no-time-limit guarantee on defective parts, is undoubtedly void now.   The differences between them are that the expensive bikes are made of light weight High tensile aircraft steel and may have close or medium spacing hub gears rather than a wide spacing gear hub.   A steel frame bike is unlikely to break under you and is particularly long last safe choice.

The difference between a close ratio hub such as the FC is that the racing cyclist does not changes his cadence with road conditions.  A Wide ratio hub AW or FW is more like changing gear in a car.

Engineering and electronics

Blog Lenton Sports bicycle

This bike is fitted with one of the acclaimed four speed hubs.  A wide spacing FW hub gear.

A basic bike with no gears would cost £10 verse a top of the range off the shelf bike £19/14- in 1946 or 1947.

About £840 new in 2020 prices.  But my guess based on wages would be £1,500.  A custom or limited availability bike at the time would cost 1.5 to 2 times that e.g. Raleigh or Reg Harris sports bike.

The Lenton sports bike has always been a wonderfully nice bike to ride and seems to have power from somewhere more than what I put into pedalling it.  That is the bikes value and this is said of other bikes of this age by many people.

The blog link also goes into the changes since the bike was made that have happened.  Buying things now is comparable to eating fruit, pick it when its nice and spit it out if it is not theres plenty more fruit.  But you can have fruit all year round rather than have it at its best for a day or two.  But not like a well made tool you consider buying or making, enjoy it all your life and pass it down in good order.

Bicycle production is nearly double car production which does not tell much about use  but about excessive consumption.  Not many cars are made to last 100 years other than Trains, Buses, Toyota, Rover cars, Austin 7 and Model T Ford's can last a long time.  But a vast number of all bikes made at least 60 years ago were made to last 100 years.

https://www.worldometers.info/  The link has many statistics such as world population as well.


I aim for my website to be both funny and serious in places.

The modern version of the theme is fear of dumbed down TV, chemicals in food and water. The film and its sequel seem to feature wives taken away and returned as robot copy or chemically suppressed to behave in an obedient way to there masters that is their husbands.

An engineers Perspective

Douglass Adams wrote or was lead the team of writes of some of the best Dr Who story's and particularly understood Tom Baker as Dr Who. I think Douglass's last talk within a month of his death is one of the best public presentations on anything I've seen.


Not all Science fiction is about science most of it is warning or incite to social change. If it is set in space then it can be called space fiction that might make it easier to observe human traits in non-humans.

Dr Who Classic & TV Science fiction

The European Union when UK left.  Becoming a peaceful with itself and in the world United States of Europe as envisaged although much resisted by the UK. 

The Labour leader apologies for going to war on Iraq but although people blame in the main they still do not believe in peace.  This act was very significant but was very under reported. 


Guardian article develops Jeremy Corbyn's original apology, that prompted me to create this petition. The particular article does not go off the point. The difference I have about what is stated, is that no one was deceived, people who voted for war know what war is and their civil servants, staff as well as their party organisations would have easily found out that the UN predicted over a million casualties due to all consequences of going to war.


ICAN (the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) won the 2017 Nobel prize。- Winners are changing the culture on nuclear weapons - interview



Britain’s interference in the world has been brutal for centuries - the second world war did not mark a change but an exception. That is assuming the second world war was a good war in an exceptional way but I doubt that we can be sure of that, there is a bigger picture? A friend who became a pacifist following his British national service serving in Kenya in the 1950's said it was bad but I did not know how bad until I read this be warned it is bad; 


United States of Europe - project.  UK left the European Union in December 2019.  The EU has been and is a good thing but has been undermined by people elected to work against it from the inside taking pay.

Perspective/For-Publication - Happiness is less profitable

 When I am feeling good I may eat something good for me and nice, such pita bread with hummus and salad. Then I feel well and better with myself.

When I am not feeling that way fish and chips immediately gratifies but I still do not feel well or feel good with myself long term. 

Human psychology strange thing it is!

People understand it, but not in a grand conspiracy way, even so, will set traps for other people although we and they understand the trap at some level we and they step into that trap just the same.

It might be easier to take the hit than be smart and dodge the hit another trap which tends to have people do negative things.

Boot strap loader

A phrase associated with self-improvement but meaning making money by your own means instead.

An abstract idea that if you were too bend over and take hold of your boot laces, Then pull on them you could pull your feet off the ground and so that you fly.

The phrase as quoted it is used to describe how a computer starts up.

The Operating System is launched.

Spinning a fact is not new

The churches and religion continue to spin many teachings such as where Jesus shows by the example of sharing the fishes and the loaves that the masses can all be fed. People are empowered and share what they have as is being taught and shown by example in this case. But not, as the churches would have it, did this happen magic and mystery!

Thank you to my friend Val Catt for re-interpreting this teaching for me. Val Catt was a very good personal friend who died in 2004 and had a woodland burial in Hastings with her husband John who died a few year later.

The Small Print

No one reads the small print it is inconvenient to what they want to do.

This website also looks into the empowerment of people. Facing and talking about negative things is the natural collectively we bring about positive change. Spreading cynicism, as portrayed in film and news, does not do that usually!

My father's view was that "they" would not allow another war in Britain on our own land again.

This is because during World War 2 blokes were billeted together so they talked to each other about what they wanted after the war. NHS etc. There was also a closer camaraderie between the classes because a rich person could be rescued from a bombed building by lower class poor person or a poor person could rescued by a rich person visa-versa. At the end of that war, NHS was both given and demanded.

Seems like the earth is a collective subconscious but it is a collective conscious that will discern fake news and truth news in a healthy environment. I am sure this is the correct meaning of democracy.

My father hated war and the lead up to second Gulf War that was happening before he died a year or so earlier. So he missed the point that email circulated a considerable amount of alternative quality information, news and discussion on that war. Since then that type of discussion is held on Facebook even though there is scepticism about who manages the weighting of discussion. Even so this is a new opportunity for democratic discussion but be careful of those dismissing discussion as "fake news" and so by favouring of tabloid, BBC news etc.

Ethics, war and money are compartmentalised instead of resolved because enough people don't want those worries to be resolved.

From Scientist for Global Responsibly conference 2017.


--- CARS a touchy point with most people ---

So on this first page, I have touched on many of the things the website covers.

Like the fishes and loves teaching from the Bible illustrating people empowerment, on cars we can individually all continue to take positive steps. That is even though over the past 40 years the direction has been negative there has been a switch to more train use in the UK than ever before.



European Union - Peace for 70 years 


How many wars is Britain involved in?

Wikipedia - one or two going on continually since 1707 (Act of Union).

History Guy - More detail but since 1945.

British Legion - list 1922 - 2003

Omitted though is the cold war and particularly the 1980's when it got close enough to start from Europe and UK - USSR did not call any might be bluff but offered disarmament, lightened up with Glasnost, asked for help then fell. (Europe UK were unwilling hosts or partners in this USA deployed for conflict action)

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