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(1a) Rail Alternative Siding plan to relieve traffic?

Courier 5 September 1997

THE FEASIBILITY of building a railway siding to serve freight traffic driving to Longfield Road and help relieve congestion around the North Farm industrial Estate is being examined by Railtrack. Tunbridge Wells Borough Council officers are providing the company with facts and figures on the area’s traffic flow and maps the site to enable do a preliminary assessment. The move comes after the. Government delayed making a decision on the rerouting six lane bypass across Castle Hill and it follows mounting local speculation on whether the road plan should go ahead. Though this would be solely a freight terminal, the idea of a new station at Longfield Road has been mooted regularly during the last few years. Link Former borough councilor, David Bannerman, put forward proposals for a Park and rail scheme for the town to link the industrial estate with the centre, relieve congestion and commuter problems and link the line from Tonbridge, through the town to the West Station and down to Eridge and Crowborough. Mike Sumpter, at the borough council, said of the current feasibility study: We have given Railtrack traffic counts in and out of Longfield Road and a map of the area. Usually a development of this nature would provide rail transport a major suppliers site but we do have to be aware that. Also we have to be aware that even if the railway goods, that could generate more traffic In and out of the surrounding. “Railtrack will be Looking at all the problems and issues and whether it is at all feasible to consider such an idea further.” _____________________________________________

(1b) Tunbridge Wells Borough Local Plan Policy TP 18 Proposals for development which would compromise the reopening of the Tunbridge Wells Central to Eridge railway line, as defined on the Proposals Map, will be refused. Policy TP10 Proposals which would create significantly more traffic feeding onto the A264 between the mount Ephraim/Church road junction, Royal Tunbridge Wells, and Pembury bypass will be refused. Policy TP11 Proposals which would create significantly more traffic feeding onto the A26 between the Church road/London Road junction, Royal Tunbridge Wells, and Victoria Road, Southborough will be refused. Policy TP19 The Local Planning Authority will not grant consent for residential development adjoining railway lines where the noise and vibration of rail traffic is expected to have a significant impact on the environmental and amenity of the site.