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NOTE – Access to Hastings Study (Multi-Modal-Study)

Combined meeting of; Tunbridge Wells Friends of the Earth (TW FoE), Transport Action Group (TAG), and Stop The Road (A21).

To be held upstairs room at; The Rose & Crown Public House, Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells. At 7:30pm 10 December 1999

* The main purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Multi-Modal Study Access to Hastings.

* The sighting of a waste tip at Pembury is on the agenda but has only a tangential relevance to the AHS.

* Another item that is relevant is that there is proposal for sale of British Rail land. The BR board plan is available for inspection at Waterloo station. Some of this land could be in the area of the study.

* This Multi-modal study has been initiated by the Government Office for the South East (GOSE). The Area of the study is from Pevensey, Rye and up to M25/A21 junction. Many road schemes have been referred to this study including the 6 lane section of trunk road at Castle Hill. The Lamberhurst and Polegate by-passes have not been included and will be built what ever the outcome of the study. The study will take six months or so.

* The media story about J Prescott announcing he has asked Highways Agency for a list of the top 100 road schemes. These road schemes to be brought forward in order to reduce congestion. Whether the Weald and Downland DBFO the whole story seems to be more media spin than fact. As far as GOSE is concerned the study goes ahead.

* Unlike the former road schemes pursued by the Department of Transport this study is very broad. It includes walking, cycling, public transport, effect of options considered on communities, and the severance of communities by roads for example. The steering group includes a Transport 2000 representative, and many local councils. Significantly the process of coming to a recommendation is open for the first time. This is very good though there is a flaw in that there is no wildlife interests on the steering group.

* The steering group is in place. Consultants Steer Davis Gleave/WS Atkins/Lewyn Davis have been selected, and the study has started. A number of local public meetings on this study, one is being arranged in Pembury by the consultants.

* East Sussex Transport 2000 have asked that GOSE contact contributors to the various inquires and they be invited to join the reference group. The outcome recommended by the consultants could discount options considered initially. Hopefully it will make recommendations about policy to government, more in line with your opinion. There is also a reference group and a number of organisations have been nominated to this group – I don’t know the remit but the opportunity to be on the group should not be missed.

* Write to express/reinforce your interest in the reference group for the Access to Hastings Study. Mr G Hanson, Project Manager for The Access to Hastings Study, Government Office for the South East, Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, GU1 4GA.

* Break the talk to discuss how best to present our views, and to be represented on the reference group. Meeting at Hastings Trust 11:00 – 16:00 on 8-1-00 a paper needs to be prepared.

* Also to consider merging Stop The Road with another group such as TAG, or Tunbridge Wells FoE.

* Pay Hastings FoE £16 for photocopying.

* Other points:- The government may be announcing increases in road speeds in the new year.. T2000 petition to Tony Blair MP not to transfer fuel revenue to roads contact: Linda Beard of T2000, 12 – 18 Hoxton Street, London, N16NG. Linda@trasport2000.demon.co.uk

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