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    Full circle (Hastings pictures taken whilst turning in a circle)

The beach should look straight as should the parade of houses behind me.

Exporting work (post-industrialisation) aboard requires a distortion of the natural way of things, and also perception, it has not created Utopia and is against the natural way of things so surely will inevitably break. Change that is coming about to a sustainable way will be by force of natural, but we can only chose to make it easier for our selves. These changes come about periodically they are not a new thing and to repeat the point we can go with nature and make it easier, rather than continue to hold out by force, that is climb down before we fall down.

The Green Party thinker’s view is, It would be better if only government could create money, and banks revert to core money accounting services. Pay everyone a basic income and so that the need to work, which actually there is not a great need for, becomes a wish that anyone can receive. The Labour Party’s traditional prospective is give ordinary people tools such as rules of debate, and workers education to empower themselves. People tend to support the Conservative party because that party is mostly in power and therefore people join the conservative party you get power, they may also perceive personal privileged or advantage. I found, as a former town councillor, that Conservative and Labour elected representatives tend to be a more pragmatic and actually work better together. I work with anyone. The risk with political indifference is that: if you don’t stand for anything you fall for anything.

The warning about the “Military-Industrial Complex” that Dwight D Eisenhower made in 1961 may have been re-analysed as a good idea in that it creates jobs and credit based wealth, incorrectly I believe. I think warnings are understood, but in a way that the state and the people never appears to looses face and won’t backtrack. In any case a lot of people are employed or create credit in banking so have a vested interest. It amounts to the warning not being heeded, as warned but I am have attempting to break the reasons apart. In the real world delivering aircraft that don’t fly, stating an intention to get out of that business then being rewarded with tanker military aircraft contract would not happen. A venture capitalist banker would pick up discrepancy between what is on paper and what is actually and not invest.

I had the good fortune some years ago to visit people living in the Amazons almost as in the Garden of Eden. I really did not believe I would see such a thing, and I have been talking about what I saw for the past six years. There are people who don’t need or might seem to need but don’t want much to do with the so called improvements that come with globalisation. Actually I have little regard for do-good-ers, except for those 18/19th century missionaries that went native all over Africa having seen that there was no improvement they could make, and enjoyed what they found for what it was.

A Joke about the evidence of global warming and climate change may be clever in words and pictures. Language is not truth, although strength of argument prevails over reason usually, this is post-modernism – everything is language. The evidence is that we change our climate, as does nature but rationally we need to rain back our wants. Laws for example based on strength of words don’t change nature – King Cnut did not hold back the tide, and that is the point that King was making. Jokes

Language, might and peer pressure hold people back from talking to each other about politics, religion, and all things important. It may be that when expression is repressed that causes stress and often leading to excessive consumption and anti-social behaviour but are also profitable so the cause may not be resolved. My hope is for industry and self worth will return to the UK. I think we are already into this cycle of change (local currencies, farmers markets etc), these may trickle down to lower income people, though a conscious effort needs to occur for good things to spread that is democracy the alternative “trickle down” can show a way but can never be fair as it relies on differentials. In reality most people work for money so that few can have money work for them as I said previously.

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