Thanet Kent April 2022 and June 2023

Created 13-06-2023, Updated; 16-06-2023,09-09-2023

I stayed at Copperfield Guest House, Broadstairs on both occasions.  The four star guest house is vegetarian and vegan and has a well deserved 5* rating by its guests.  The picture above is of Botany Bay (Kent's, Isle of White, Needles), using the Loop bus from outside the guest house on a day that changed from rain to brilliant sun.

I used a Doro 8030 smartphone camera this year, but last year I used my Cannon IXUS 60.  16 years ago I used my Cannon AE1.

Broadstairs - ordinary shops below, interesting old buildings above.  The pianist playing in the Bella said I could use the photo of him, they have a vegan breakfast.  The smart camera does not have flash, but it does have Google Maps that helps me find my way, but I do not use its phone which is not much good.

Ramsgate below - Google Maps is not much good on this phone, but it did show me the way on this occasion as if I knew where I was going.

Above my room in Broadstairs and the lovely picnic breakfast brought to my room.

Ramsgate above, Vegan fish and chips shop also sells real fish.  The hospital is a very austere looking building with gargoyles.  Just like many schools, and institutions of at least 100 years ago.

Cliffsend, Pegwell Bay and Viking ship.  The sun is brilliant, though the pictures look darker, the photo needed flash backlight, which this camera does not support.

Panoramic created by google photos for me.

Pegwell bay - apparently the replica Viking boat was sailed here.  I stopped for coffee and a vegan burger.  Waiting at the bus stop to return.  The bus left from outside the guest house.  

Margate, below - L'Olive vegan pizza, Turner Contemporary, Lido, Dreamworld.

Margate - postman told me that the Royal Mail building is 1960s, but he did not like the big heads in the wall mural.  The Shell museum model outside.

Below Ellington Park, Ramsgate - vegan picnic

Ramsgate.  There are also many museums such as the two near the church of 1980s home computers and of older obsolete electronic equipment.  The Sinclair Scientific pictured will get the answer wrong if it has taken a long time to calculate the scientific function the manual tells you.  It operates in reverse polish notation was purchased in 1977, but the Commodore 9180 purchased a year later was vastly superior.

Below Botany Bay - the weather and the sky changed all morning, starting with rain and sunny by midday.

Botany Bay near Margate, walk from the loop bus stop, start to see seaside flower and then the sea.



Pictures above Margate 2006 Cannon AE1.  photos-2006

Pictures below from last year taken using Cannon IXUS 60.   

Aqua Café, decorated blue, had a nice vegan pie and still has the same special a year later.

Crompton Tower museum, Broadstairs is of mostly 0, 00 and 000 gauge model trains running.  The 0 gauge 20 VAC trains were not running they require a long full power pulse to switch to reverse, but the trains run were modern DC operation trains.  There were some 1 gauge models that were not running.

Picture right; Triang (Hornby), 00 Train controller with auxiliary 12VDC (isolated) and 15VAC outputs and slow range switch, that switches from full wave to halfwave rectification.  This slow range switch allows the train to move more slowly without stalling.  The train transformer is late 1960s and predates the 000 gauged and digital control trains. 

There was a history of the water tower, Mr Crompton and some Victorian engineering drawings.