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                                                                                                            11 June, 2000

Access to Hastings Study – re your notes on High Brooms

Dear Derrick,

May I add to your comments on High Brooms Station and Longfield Road the following:-

 Rail line North Tunbridge Wells and High Brooms; (going north) Grosvenor Bridge – Good road and pedestrian crossing over rail line.

 Some pedestrian difficulty crossing the roads. Site of proposed additional station and small freight siding at The Old Good Station near by. Sandhurst Road, Silverdale Road area – Road and pedestrian pass under the rail line.

 Pedestrian path is narrow and needs frequent cleaning of pigeon droppings. Netting or other pigeon friendly measure over path under the bridge would help.

Roundabout on west side of rail at Sandhurst Road, Silverdale Road area – North east corner vehicle speeds could be reduced and visibility for pedestrians improved by making road bend sharper and moving the fence further up the bank.

 East side island needs to be properly restored on this popular pedestrian route. Grass area on west side of rail line – proposed new bus stop lay-by.

 High Brooms Station – Pedestrian underpass is very popular though steps are inconvenient.

 The underpass is Rail Track property needs to remain open. A foot bridge crossing over the rail line would cause greater inconvenience. North Farm Road Bridge – agree with Derricks comments noting this is a popular route to work,

 Hospital and the nearby Night Stop. Nells Bridge foot bridge connecting Barnetts Wood and Dowding Way on the industrial estate – popular pedestrian crossing.

 Much industrial estate development in this area, could compromise possibilities for rail freight siding. A road and traffic lights are to be built. Strong policies reserve this area for rail freight siding needs to be made. Note Waste carried by road could be transferred to rail freight from Longfield Road, North Farm Industrial Estate. There is also a post office depot, DSL who distribute for M&S, and metal scrap yard at North Farm Industrial Estate. These could use rail freight from Longfield Road. Restoring or creating a Rail line link to Newhaven could bring convenient access to a sea port.

  Longfield Road:- Traffic moves freely most of the time though instances of slow moving traffic occur between 8:20 to 8:25AM quite often.

 Longfield Road Roundabout – Problems of Severance for pedestrians and cyclists at Longfield Road roundabout on the A21, traffic lights may solve this and other problems.

 Pembury bypass A21 – traffic tails out of Tunbridge Wells on A264 and south side of A21 between 8:15 and 9:30 I believe most school days.

 During this time through traffic and traffic not wishing to enter Tunbridge Wells by A264 use Pembury village as a by-pass. Pembury Village is used as a bypass of the by-pass for traffic wishing to continue on north of Tunbridge Wells A264.

Other issues:-

 Rail access from High Brooms to Hastings with the introduction of the summer timetable this month. There are no direct trains Monday to Saturday during the main part of the day. Redevelopment of former SEEB building on Longfield Road may bring benefits such as cycleways and could bring cycle and pedestrian access from Pembury across the A21 perhaps?

Local MP Archiebold Norman is holding a transport meeting at 7:30pm on 7 July in the Victoria Suite, Camden Centre, Tunbridge Wells. This could be confused with Access to Hastings public exhibition. See you Saturday


In peace

Andrew Lohmann