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A21 Tonbridge BP-Pembury BP   {A Lohmann  09-07-00}

196 scheme - 3.9km D3 off-line improvement

Cost £21m


Significant delays, including slow-moving southbound vehicles up Castle Hill {entering Tunbridge Wells}. {Perceived} Accident black spot on bend [is not supported by crashstatistics}. {25,000} vpd {GOSE 1997} on single carriageway road between two dual sections. Also limited junction capacity {helps to moderate flow in to Tunbridge Wells via Longfield road}. Problems worse in summer route to south coast. {There are delays AM on Pembury (A264) and s very modest delay on Longfield Roads with traffic leaving A21 and queuing to enter Tunbridge Wells}


{Rail line to Hastings and Brighton could be developed with rail sidings at Longfield road, Good Station Road - other schemes include a road tunnelled through Castle Hill which would address the existing and admitted new substandard bend} on-line improvements (e.g. climbing lane) considered On-line improvements would not necessarily require property demolition.


{note bracketed italic notes are my alterations to the GOSE original document}

{requires reassessment under SACTRA}