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 Lake Charleston, Ontario, Canada, May-June 2009

I don’t know anything about the aboriginal Americans who lived in this area. 


32 Black Elk

A friend (L. Clayton), who is an amateur historian, recommended that I read a book by Black Elk. Black Elk was an aboriginal American (Red Indian), who wrote his life story when he was 100. He lived through the end of the great Indian nation, which incidentally was governed using were people pledge support for a part in the caucuses, primary elections, as USA federal elections occur now (J. Munves).

Black Elk came to Britain with Buffalo Bill in the 1850′s, was at the battle of the little big horn. There were about 400 Red Indian warriors, they killed British and French soldiers at a rate of 100 to 1 rise to 400 to 1 when the training of British Soldiers slipped. Ultimately British made treaties with the Indians, which the Indians honoured and stopped fight, despite the British breaking there word and killing most of the rest of them subsequently. If you watch some old US cowboy films you get a hint. Soldiers camp some where safe settle down go to sleep, Indians who have berried themselves in the ground come to the surface quietly kill all but one. Now that is bravery and generally unknown. I really must read that book some time. It may be that if those old treaties were upheld that there would be no legal paper evidence that the whole of North America is still the Red Indian Nation, as I guess they never actually lost. Of cause the Native North Americans have no will to break there side of the deal so the law has not been enforced.

Native North Americans are given reserve area of land where they can run gambling casinos, presumably the intention is demonise those people, there being little other opportunity to work, and there indigenous cultural ways taken from them. The evidence suggests that the first humans (Clovis Indians) to arrive in North America 13,000 years ago, via an ice bridge, killed and devastated the wildlife to extinction. 


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