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Conistone Water, Lake District 2005

Cold rainy day but the picture is quite beautiful, mystery caused progressively brighter mountains. Why this picture works, and understanding perception probably is the pictures beauty.

31 To recap

What I have talked about also encompasses the change from pride in owning well made things, to short term buying new and continual dissatisfaction. And fairy tails for children to teach empathy. I have talked about how to achieve success by toughening up, anger in salmon, and I have talked about sustainably living in a hunter gathering community.

I have also talked about the “military industrial complex”  which is about manufacturing as if there were a war but actually making very little. I have had some success making key connections with engineers and resolving and rationalising issues, in such environments even so. In those cases I find people become interested and willing. I have discussed money creation, the mechanism that has made our existence parasitic in the world, but works at this time. 

Q. Do many people work in the arms industry? A. No they sit around looking busy.

But they represent a very big vote lobby, particularly in the case of the UK. (this link has changed please search)

Many employed in the Nuclear Military Industrial Complex find useful work  to do in there outside hobbies. Could idle hands be programming the weaponry in space to project patterns on to fields that cause crop circles to appear and other otherwise inexplicable things to occur?

I have spoken about power, but another sort of power is to quietly lead by example, then enjoy seeing others copy and claim it themselves. This is much more effective than complaining or swearing. But a good swear and moan can help you, just be careful such is rarely productive or ultimately as pleasing as the first; setting a positive example. Actually moaning just lets a bully know they got under your skin, when that happens they can rarely stop themselves doing it again. I have discussed maths as a way of understanding and predicting things, but it is never true to say that it is exactly correct, particularly at the frontiers of its application, but it is one many of the best formal methods of collective reasoning that we have.

What I have spoken about encompasses the devaluation of poltics and debate, as if those words mean bullying and deceitfulness. They don’t. But I also discussed the problem that pushing against something may trigger an opposing force, cohesion is not necessarily achieved (The fuel blockades organised by the truckers in 1998, and in a way also the use of the internal combustion engine instead of the more highly developed at the time steam in a car). I have also talked about motive, understanding translation of no-verbal reasoning into language.

I started by referring to the three old men who fought in the first world war who had witnessed all these things. I also included some example from nature and from people living in the Amazons region of Peru as a reference point.


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