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A public meeting “STOP THE ROAD” is to be held at 7:30 Tuesday 9 September 1997, Baden Powell Centenary Hall, Andrew Road, High Brooms, Tunbridge Wells.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider objection to a section of 6 lane trunk road proposed across Castle Hill. To bring together people concerned about the implications of the road, and to consider alternatives to it.

  • * The Governments code name: ‘Weald and Downland DBFO Project’, and this local section of 6 lane trunk road is called ‘A21 Tonbridge Bypass to Pembury Bypass Dualling’

  • * There is a review of road schemes in the context of the new governments policy of an integrated transport system.

  • * More traffic on surrounding roads and residential areas if this trunk road were to be proceeded with.

  • * The road if proceeded with will be visible on horizon with noise of traffic carrying across the valley to many parts of Tunbridge Wells and High Brooms. The proposed trunk road scheme features cuttings into Castle Hill (an iron age settlement), and embankments across ancient woodland.

  • * loss of parts of an ancient woodland including a pond with great crested newts a protected species.

  • * As far as we know Kent Trust for Nature Conservation, who were objectors with the RSPB are anticipating hearing from the DoT to do further environmental study work. This is particularly important because this concern about the assessment is supported by the inspector for the inquiry in April – June 1993 who says under the heading “Wildlife and Nature Conservation”- “…it is clear that detailed, sophisticated research is needed, preferably in partnership with the nature conservation interests…”.

  • * Disruption during the construction stage 65000 lorry movements. The DoT say when asked about this disruption at the public inquiry in 1993 ‘not our problem’. – as if they were saying we don’t care at the public inquiry in 1993.

  • * The London to Hastings main line rail runs parallel with the trunk road. Their may be possibilities for transfer of road to rail of passenger and freight transportation.

  • * Tunbridge Wells Friends of the Earth objected in writing to the pubic inquiry.

  • * Objection limit to the route but not the scheme by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Southborough Town Council, CPRE. They used the Kent Structure Plan and Tunbridge Wells Local Plan to support their objection.

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