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Eynsford, Kent, 2006

Fording the river is quite nice in the summer it is shallow and warm. In any case just to the right is a little bridge off picture. 

1 Introduction

I have been thinking about presumed way of things and actual way of things, And how things that were so change. As an Electronics Design Engineer, my way of working is listen to peoples interpretation of things, and to look and analyse what I see. I have been involved in the anti-nuclear, road objector and sustainability campaigns, and have been a Southborough Town Councillor. There was an excessive amount of air-miles and some personal risk from bandits in Peru in researching this discussion – I say that tong-in-cheek as they were very well organised super holidays.

Things can seem clouded, but clear solutions come out of a range of degrees of grey observations. Decisions based on wide range of degrees of grey can be more accurate than those based on black or white statements, because they include a measure of confidence in the information given. A judgement is necessary in order to weigh up tellers indecision, bluster, or the reliability of the information, in any case. People feel as much use as dropping grains of sand on a mountain of problems, though collectively we are quite a big mountain of sand. The trick is to inspire, focus and encourage, but avoid negative campaigning. The way forward comes from ordinary people to people talking, and setting example, rather from one super person, but inclusive super people are OK. Solutions come from both the logical and spiritual paths, that is left and right brain together. Social networking websites have been a revolution in this respect as was the World War II community spirit in its time because in both cases people talked to each other one to one. With the development of people to people talking skills through social networking can result in face to face talking, which if managed using rules of debate is a less aggressive leading to consensual ways of social behaviour. Of cause websites may be geared with there control of news feeds to encourage extreme statements and to stir revolution, or to calm or disempower by cynicism rather than to be a free discussion so take care.

Having said that we don’t have democratic control over law created and interpreted by the judiciary. The law of might is right is always present. Vested interest will tenaciously lobby for its wants. Parliament is a gift to us from the monarch, though it would be difficult to withdraw that gift but it is evidently devalued by public indifference and its members cynicism (duck houses etc). What rights ordinary people have have been won more by struggle than gift, And basically people understands that.

All over the world there are people who live in a Sustainability way (not Sustainable Growth or Sustainable Development) mainly living on fruit and veg without harming fish and animals or each other, And in any case in these circumstances, nature is abundant and therefore all-for-giving in many of those places. Most of us don’t live this way and our ethics and ways of life have changed to reflect that, but compassion and fairness in the way we work is good.

This talk is a sequel to my talk on Alternative way (1995): Alternative

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