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You can make your own conclusion, perhaps from the examples I have given. Change and living in a way that does not involve taming or fighting nature is not frightening, and is not difficult if motivation is understood. Identifying and naming problems works because speaking puts the problem and therefore a path to a solution into the collective conscious. We can handle change and understand motive logically, and emotionally, both can be accurate. Whatever! (whatever works)

Logically spreading any person in the world can pass a message to any one they chose we are 5 or 6 contacts from each other, this is partly how of the spiritual term “collective conscious” works. The other part of the explanation is that during each verbal transaction there is interpretation (commonly called Chinese whispers).

You can give your self permission, so many of us feel bound by unreasonable duty and misapplied law, don’t have to be.

A scientist may tell you precisely how something should be done technically, but have no idea how to bring it about of to explain to others how to bring it about. An Engineer might know how to develop and manufacture something, but have no idea of it’s practical use. Collectively they may or may not produce a practical product, but the salesmen can probably sell it in the short term. None of them may be satisfied with the outcome unless they all feel part of it.

What I learnt when I was active in Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament;* Avoiding confidential information so that you are not compromised, that is can’t use the information because you have promised to keep it secret.

* Non-Violent Direct Action; This is the significant point.

 - The object is to persuade others that the issue is important but the action is not intended to threaten anyone, but demonstrate how important the issue is to you.

 - If as a consequence you are being hurt then tell the person that is hurting you that that is occurring. The person in authority may be dealing with the issue by dehumanising you, that is wrong, show them that you are a human.

 - The policeman or whoever may agree with your cause.

 - But if you are dragged physically away don’t resist, become loose as a dead weight, also makes it very difficult for anyone to drag you away. The first time one of my friends did this at Greenham Common she fainted, but she did not faint a second time.

We tend to practice displacement, that is avoid the issue, or fake our greenness, but ultimately some of us change are ways. It is a big can of worms to change an organisation that way. Hopefully I have given you some thoughts on how collectively we can bring about change for good together. I have shown examples of native people living all over the Americas who have come through it previously.


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