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Family tree at a glance

Elfin 1066

Land owner (Dooms day book) thought all Brailsford were descended from.


There may be a line to naval captain in Plymouth in 1500′s. 

Wilhelm Hermann Lohmann

From Hanover, Germany circa 1714. Piece of paper handed down. 

Hermann Lohmann + Sister and 3 brothers

Lohmann and Beaufort (1740 ish?)

Oral history Alicia or Elizabeth Berkeley - her mothers maiden name used.


Lived for many generations at; Homer Park, Brentor, Nr. Plymouth. 


The Postsmaster, Brailsford, Derbyshire

Geake or Geake-Philips Here surname was Geake but seems to be recorded as Geake-Philips?

Berkely Lohmann (inherited Marquis of Grandby pub Lewisham)

George Lohmann, Block of flats at the Oval, Surrey county Cricket Ground.

(nearest relation no direct descendants)

Parken & Dameral 

Berkeley Lohmann + brothers and sisters

Lived Ramsgate, Kent

& Greenfield Great grandmother

Common grandparents many generations ago.

Edgar Parken (photographer)

& Dorothy (Brailsford Photographic technician)

Harold Lohmann & Fagg (Pianist of concert standard. Fagg family were musicians and pianists).

Jean (Parken - 3 sisters, 4 brothers) & John Lohmann (one sister)

Cousins and other relatives in UK, Canada, USA and Austria

Andrew Lohmann

{Electronics Design Engineer}

Avril (Lohmann) 

& Simon Edwards