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Report of the KAPC meeting 9 July 2001 in Cranbrook on the Local Plan

By Cllr. Andrew Lohmann

At the KAPC meeting on the Local Plan some Parish Councillor's criticised the Local Plan because they could not dictate to it. Tony Fullwood's answer, correctly, was that we are consulted on what goes in to the Local Plan. There point being they wished to write there parish plans then the districts would weave a diversity of views in to the Local Plan, I think.

I made the point a couple of times that, Government & Regional Planning feeds in to County Structure Plans, which in turn feeds in to District Local Plans. The people, and therefore its representatives us, are consulted on those. One follows the other in order, they do not pre-empt. Clearly plans of Parish Councils should follow and fit in with the Local Plan. I think a Parish Plan would be flawed if it were to pre-empt or try to dictate. It's strength is in filling in the detail, such as our disabled policy did. Our objection to the Brookfield Site application demonstrated this point as I said at the KAPC meeting.

The presentation covered the plan in a general way, and I am please, that our point filling vacant industrial units on the industrial estate before building new to Cllr. Bullock and Tony Fullwood last year has been developed further. The plan presumes strongly towards brown field development before green field development. A feature of the plan is very little green field development other than that carried over from the previous plan.