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24 Nursery rhymes

I will now draw a comparison between memory, perception, motive and the use of old history pass down.

Ring a ring a roses, ends with atishoo atishoo we all fall down. Maybe about the plague of London, although a conclusion is not given. The old testament bible contains many stories illustrating human nature and is useful for that reason but the modern new testament seems to me to be magic and embellishment so much that the original story which might be very good is lost. The Sinai Codex which is a modern style book as opposed to a scroll written in the 1st century AD there are many differences with the modern bible such as; women went into the crypt where Christ body lay then ran off, and that is all it says. 

BBC Radio 4 article on the British Library work on the Sinai Codex. Autumn 2009

Presumably to sell books like Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods”. It was said that the Mayan calendar, which runs for about 5,200 years and is due to return to year 1 in 2012, was said to be so accurate that it does not have leap day corrections. Actually the calendar works by the interaction of three gear wheels, and is stopped for a few days once a year so there is no need for leap days. Truth turns out to be more elegant than spin.

25 Political propaganda, and Interpretation

Michael Hesiltine challenged Mrs Thatcher’s leadership, but he did not get a majority of Conservative MPs to support him. Very politely and in detail Geoffrey Howe presented a long detailed criticism in parliament which Dennis Healey {Labour opposition} said was like being savaged by a dead sheep. Dennis Thatcher was asked by Bernard Ingham to tell Margaret she would have to leave, which Dennis did.

Mrs Thatcher leaving No. 10 for the last time in tears 1989.

She did visit 10 Down Street again during Prime Minister Blair's time in office.

Comment; I don’t like how the Conservative Party treat there own or anyone else.

On Radio 4, 10/01/10 John Major and Michael Howard said that Mrs Thatcher would have left gracefully if she had been criticised straight and accurately. Strangely criticism of Thatcherism (or Blairism) is now neutral in terms of party politics as it has become discredited. And the only person to express any form of sympathy or respect for Mrs Thatcher recently is Lord Dennis Healey who said on Desert Island Disks 14/06/2009 that “She never listened to anyone, now no one listens to her, poor thing, and he gave her a kiss” when they had met recently in Leonardsly Gardens, near Horam, East Sussex and his daughter photographed them kissing. 

The extremes to which people are popularised at one time or slated at another, may be due to which bandwagon the media have selected, rather than any change the public viewpoint (Of cause what is in peoples mind changes and affects there decision making at elections). Consequently things jump from one bandwagon to another without moving forward in a consensual way. A fear of living in a one party state (but this is effectively how it is) over our current of adversarial way, but to be entirely contrarily there is also a dislike of debate and discussion. The consequence of not discussing things is that people try to maintain contradictory viewpoints become angry and irrational. This may have come about because enough people are fooled, driven to conform or conditioned by control of culture. A similar thing to conditioning domestic sheep have so that they herd together when threatened by predators but wild herbivorous herding beasts scatter when when similarly threatened. It has become hard-wired into the brain.

Take care with interpretation.

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