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 Guardian 12/12/00  – Roadworks prove a mixed blessing Newbury

The £74m bypass was the longest running roads dispute of the 1990s, destroying several protected sites and costing up to £50m to guard. It was opened in 1998 and has taken the large lorries out of the town centre and reduced off-peak traffic. But traffic is said to be just as congested at peak times and the level of bypass traffic is believed to be higher than expected.

Burley in Wharfedale No sooner had the concrete set on the A65 dual carriageway around the small dales village than developers began to build on the land between the road and the village which has now almost doubled in size. The road has taken through traffic away but the character of the village has radically changed and older residents say it is now much more of a commuter dormitory village for Leeds. Brighton and Hove bypass The £80m Brighton bypass was mostly completed by the early 1990s. It is claimed that it has not increased east west traffic and has led to slight reductions in city centre traffic. Travel around Brighton is now easier for people with cars, but aside from great environmental damage, there is intense pressure for out of town developments in the area of outstanding natural beauty. A55

The A55 north Wales coast road from near Chester to Anglesey reduced the need to upgrade the A5 route through Snowdonia but it has increased traffic by 400% on the coastal route and led to more commuting between north Wales and Cheshire and Merseyside. Twyford Down The M3 cutting through the downs led to the first big road protest. it has had a negligible effect on Winchester traffic. Batheaston-Swainswick bypass The £60m Batheaston-Swainswick bypass which was finished in the mid-1990s was intended to bypass the world heritage site of Bath and was the focus of fierce protests. It has relieved traffic in the villagos of Batheaston and Swainswick, but has not greatly relieved traffic in Bath. Oswestry The Oswestry A5 bypass.has made several villages more tranquil but has generated traffic and greenfield housing development.