Canada Wedding & Buckden Tower VegiVenture 12/2012

Created 30/01/2013, Changed; 06/04/2020 - 03/03/2020 

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Many of the photos are taken with available light. The built in flash on my Cannon IXUS is the only week point in the camera.

Landsdown district, Ontario with a beautiful view out to the St. Lawrence;

New building is a Bed and Breakfast Photograph December 2012

Wedding in Canada;  Amanda's Wedding in Orilla, Ontario, December 2012

Map of Orilla, Ontario 

Please make allowances I have panned the camera through 270'

The Lake shore line is straight not cureved as it looks - I have panned through 200' to capture this shot of the frozen lake.

The wedding ceremony;

Photographer my second Cousin Michael

My cousin Linda working with her son Micheal - setting up and managing every photograph 

Have we got every combination of family and friends required to be photographed?

Cobourg By Lake Ontario; December 2012

 Victoria Park Coboroug;


Buckden Towers VegiVenture

 December 2012

Map Buckden Towers