AE-1 400 ASA Colour print - Hastings, Bexhill, King Charles The Martyr.

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I have two Cannon AE-1 body's. It is important with a camera to keep working it even when you are not using it (same as a clockwork watch). Unfortunately I did not do that with this body and there are a lot of very under exposed pictures in this set. I have kept some of those photos they have a nice old post card effect.

Cannon AE-1 (2) +105mm F3.5 lens and polarising filter - Kodak 400ASA Print. Sea Front side of the Pavilion, Bexhill-on-sea (the under exposure gives the pictures an old postcard effect)

Lens Filter cleaning (72mm Skylight Hoya);

I cleaned a filter recently by flipping out the plastic C clip and the glass drops out the front of the ring. I washed all parts in running water, the glass with clean fingers washing up liquid and running water. I had also tied lick first, though I believe enzyme in tears is better at digesting flys and things it did not do it.

Let it drain a bit then again rubbed the glass quite hard with a very clean tissue. But there is still a mark I think it is from a fly and has etched the glass. There are no smears or dust or rain stains right up to the edge of the glass. I had been putting off dealing with - a gentle rub was not doing it.

The camera lens, which has been protected by the filter, just needed a wipe with a brush. All are about 30 years old.

I think some fogging that I noticed on the 35-105mm lens has stopped occurring but I have not used the lens much since. Anyway the filter is very much less expensive than the lens would have been even second hand when my dad bought it. That is the purpose  I for the Sky light filter - it has a little effect on the sky.

 De-la-Warr Pavilion Bexhill. High ASA film like this does have more latitude as you can see there is a little detail in the dark parts. But 400ASA film would be a bit grainy anyway though such film is now quite good. The film has been in the freezer for at least 10 years and very out of date - but it seems to be just fine the colour and the amount of grain is good.

This is an ideal job if I were fit. By comparison with the American TV series where fat Americans save lives I don't think they could run fast enough to - but this beach patrol surely could. 35-105mm lens cropped to this letterbox view.

Tea shop under the De-la-Warr Pavilion. - 105mm Cannon lens.

Nice skys all day - 35-105mm lens.

King Charles The Martyr, Tunbridge Wells - IXUS60 - Flash + slave bounced flash (Vivitar 283 made in the late 1980s). The slave flash does not always synchronise with the camera flash although both fire. It synchronised fine but I do not have any control over the speed and F-stop that the camera will be using.

Cannon AE-1 + 35-105mm The exposure is good unlike most of the pictures. Available light.

 Cannon 35-105 lens. The camera has functioned correctly.

AE-1 with a 28 mm f2.8 Tokina lens + flash did not fire. But I have another picture where the flash has fired and the celling is well illuminated but only in parts so I have not included that picture.

IXUS 60 with available light and on a tripod. The pictures are stitched using the Cannon PC editing tools but it does not do a good job. There is no difference between the settings the picture always comes out bent. Even if I just stitch two photos the picture is bent. The Tokina lens, above, has done a very good job by comparison.

Brighton Kemptown, Queens Park. The Old Steine Brighton - I walked around the fountain until I found a bit of rainbow.

Indoors food drink and if it wasn’t for the ouses in between

Some photography is just for the memory and technical excellence is not the point.

Vegan Lentil Rolls;

There is no technical excellence in this picture the IXUS 60 - has not got the picture particularly sharp, x3 zoom + flash on.

Just roll out puff pastry is vegan;

I took these to a picnic.The reason I lined the tin with a clean dry dish cloth was to absorb moisture and look after the texture of the pastry. I don't know it it helped but it also kept the food away from the tin.