From Eden to Ethiopia

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The hill from the Hovis advert, Shaftsbury, Dorset 2009

Portrayed as an idyllic place where brown bread was and still is the best thing.

2 From Eden to Ethiopia;

In 1989 there was a half hour radio four documentary called “From Eden to Ethiopia”. The theme was that during the 19th century many thousands of missionaries went to places all over Africa and found people living a hunter gather way in the forests. Mothers brought up there babies, small children were looked after by bigger children. People worked, if any work could be discerned, four hours a week. Needless to say many thousands of missionaries went native, that is they chose not to returned home. Hunter gathers do not leave the jungle for farming.

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British colonial rule in Africa and Asia, was seen by many in those places as a good thing. British probably exploited, and enslaved indigenous people equally that, the equality of exploitation, might have been part of the good thing. It may be that colonel rule put a stop to bad things occurring between indigenous people. Deference and keeping your head down is a necessary survival strategy for an individual, and this may distort the impression given.

I suspect British systems were so corrupt by the British that UK engineered revolution to get out of running India and allow the native people to run India in a more profitable way for the UK.

3 Observation;

Individually you might have noticed that people not only slow down but become peaceful with experience and time, going with nature rather than fighting or taming it. Peoples who live in one place undisturbed, for thousands of years do the same. Alternatively crisis and catastrophe follows, then following that is the peace and sustainability replaces grown and development. [I am advised that this observation is known as Buthan's Happiness index]

The South African Archbishop Bishop Desmond Tutu sums up well saying the church told the Africans to hold out there hands and receive the Bible, but when they opened there eyes again they had the Bibles but their land had been taken.

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