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The well supported STOP THE ROAD meeting on 9 September in High Brooms was very successful. The next meeting will be 7:30pm, 23 September, at the Baden Powell Centenary Hall, Andrew Road, High Brooms, Tunbridge Wells.

  • * Use the 281 bus which runs hourly to Colebrook Road, or come by train to High Brooms Station. The Baden Powell Centenary Hall is close by. – Give public transport a try!

  • * A wide variety of views and alternatives, road, rail, do-nothing were discussed, most people present took part. Their was no support for building of the six lane A21 trunk road across Castle Hill. Some people were surprised that the scheme was for 6 lanes!

  • * Because of the government review all sections of the A21 will be considered separately.

  • * The people from Lamberhurst who came, were initially concerned that we were attempting to cancel their by-pass scheme, but that was never the case. It was evident that the consensus at the meeting was to stop the six lane trunk road being proceeded with. They left satisfied that we had no wish to prevent the Lamberhurst by-pass being built to ease the situation in Lamberhurst village.

  • * One person said that no archaeological investigation of Castle Hill has been done. It is probably pre-roman and is likely to be a bronze age settlement. The Romans for the Celtic tribes who lived in the area became the name we use Kent. Castle Hill may have been reused in Arthurian times as a military settlement.

  • * The same person asked if an environmental study had been done of the area. The assessment the DoT did was probably was only a one days work. The lack of assessment was criticised in the inspectors report. * Another person said that the second law of physics is that gas expends to the available space, just like traffic. He criticised the DoT’s computer model called COBA for attempting to meet the ever increasing demand.

  • * A resident of Andrew Road noted the smog clouds regularly hang over the basin enclosing the industrial estate. It had already been said that more traffic

    • would result in residential areas Sherwood and High Brooms if the road were to be built.

  • * I hope all people, felt as I did, that their views were aired in a reasonable way

  • * You can obtain two consultative documents “What role for trunk roads in England” volumes 1 and 2 and ‘“Developing an integrated transport policy”’ are free and obtained from: Ruth Chapman, Integrated Transport Division 1, Departments of Environment, Transport and the Regions, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR.

  • * These documents are available on audio tape, and on the internet.

  • * I understand that it is the first time that government consultative documents have been made available on audio tape.

  • * In responding to such documents a good tip is to comment on any part of the document that interests you, and if you think something requires adding suggest that and where it should be added. You can suggest deleting parts or the whole document. You don’t need to confine yourself to responding to questions posed.

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