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I have been designing and making things since before I went to school;

British Engineering and the TV science fiction.

 In light of surveillance, Windows vulnerabilities verses also ease of use how does Linux do compared to Windows?

A very nice and very quick meal.

Onion and a can of tomato make a good source base with pasta, veg curry or stew. Here is another leave out the tomato;

Chop onion chuck in the wok

Chuck in handful of nuts - say cashews.

Chop and add mushrooms.

Pour some high temperature cooking oil - Sunflower or Olive but not a low temperature oil eg flax (that is bad) 

Put the wok to one side.

Put noodles or pasta in the pan of water - boil till soft - take off the heat leave lid on and do the wok stuff fast.

Take the heat off before anything burns or the smoke alarm goes. Mean time pour the water off pasta. Turn the heat off wok

Put the pasta on the plate and the stuff out of the wok on to the plate.

You be sitting down eating it within 5 mins of starting and it is very nice.

Egg free pasta or noodles of cause.

Quite often people who do, create and are practical are put down by those who don't do. Demoting an engineer to anyone who gets their hands dirty or does practical work is particularly but not a uniquely British thing. It is as much expected (I know my place) as it is handed down when people who expect an Engineer to fix the boiler when a proper Technician would have the experience and manual dexterity. All professionals or people who bring things about are separated this way but for a few celebrates Brunel, Stephenson, etc. (the exception made to prove the rule). The guys in the video are as skilful as any, working at height without falling off. I can't imagine a money speculator could do that. But those who inspire good, manage e.g. money, government and governance well aspire to the highest things. Those in positions who misuse power, may break things are at least as parasitic as the unemployed couch potato stereotype that they may point to. As with all things typecasting is flawed you have to judge each situation.

In Thailand, I observed for example, that there is a class system with fairly clear hierarchy where light skinned well off women stay in out of the sun to keep there skin light and there class apparent. People with dark skin work outside in the sun are distinctly lower classed. In Thailand, foreigners are comparable to crippled people and children the lowest classes. But history shows that demarcation changes, prior to AD 100 women where the dominate sex. I am not making a point about who wears the trousers in the home, the switch was brought about by the established churches.

As a small boy a grandparent advised me; "Ask don't get - Don't ask don't want." Control by management of expectation is in our language and custom. In this case it was being pointed out to me. The biblical example used to prevent the mob stoning a woman - "let him without sin cast the first stone". But when applied to prevent fair criticism such as "don't criticise until you put your own house in order", could be used to discourage group betterment and does anyone have a house that is in perfect order anyway?