AE-1 Fuji Slide film September 2015 to February 2016

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The chap in Jessups pointed out that some of my photos had been taken with a soft portrait lens. I had looked up details of this lens which is a Soligor 105mm f2.8 and it is described as soft portrait lens with very good colour strength. I now understand and like the lens a lot - things that glisten and sparkle more with other lens are subtly understated with this lens. The Soligor lens has a mounting for Cannon AE-1 and another mounting for an old German camera called an Exakta.

De-La-Warr Pavilion, Bexhill - I think these are the best pictures I have taken of the Pavilion, largely because the film has strong colour.

The lit staircase is breathtakingly beautiful but this is the first time I have got close to capturing some of that beauty on film.

De-La-Warr Pavilion Bexhill September 2015
Marina St-Leonards September 2015
Royal Victoria Hotel St Leonards September 2015

Marina, St-Leonards on Sea. Very typically slide film strength of colour and Fiji slide film is the best.

Royal Victoria Hotel - the photos inside are mostly not sharp I did not find good places to put the camera in order to take long exposure pictures.

Royal Victoria Hotel St Leonards September 2015
Royal Victoria Hotel St Leonards September 2015
Royal Victoria Hotel St Leonards September 2015 I put the camera on a table to steady it but got it wrong.
Royal Victoria Hotel St Leonards September 2015. Available light exposed for the dark has come out well for slide film.

Slide film does not have wide range of light but is instead strongly contrasting. The ceilings in this Desimus Burton designed hotel are wonderful.

There is a considerable range of light and I have exposed for the more distant. I did not expect this picture to come out so well.

Tonbridge October 2015

Tonbridge - the second picture is taken with the manual telephoto lens.

Tonbridge October 2015 - Signor 135mm f2.8 lens and tripod.
Tonbridge October 2015 Signor 135mm f2.8 lens + tripod.

When under exposed the colours once again are the distinctively strong slide film that soft un-sparkly lens. I used a tripod with the last two pictures.

The next few pictures were over exposed - my father warned me not to use the AE-1 with the manual setting called stop-down-exposure because the camera would not work after. But the camera returned to exposing the pictures correctly after about four photos the least bad one is to the left.

Grosvenor Rec. November 2015

My father took technically excellent but worst outcome came set of slides with this lens and his Exakta. The photos were of Salomon leaping at the Falls of Shin, Inverness in about 1970. We stood for hours watching many fish swimming around angrily one fish then jump 15M I guess every 10 minutes only at best they got a meter short and then tried to swim up a dribble of water which they did for a few minutes or so then only drop back to try again. Some landed on the rocks beside us and there bodies spring high in the air and back in the water. It was quite easy to stay and watch endlessly. The best thing I have ever seen.

The pictures taken at 1000th second came out sharp dad had panned and caught fish in the centre of the frame. Anyway a photographic disaster was that consequently the fish looked stuck on.

Rose in my front Garden November 2015 Signor 135mm F2.8 manual lens + tripod
Rose in my front Garden November 2015 Signor 135mm F2.8 manual lens + tripod

Autumn roses in my front Garden - the rain is lovely and I felt compelled to take pictures having gone past the roses a few times. 105mm, f2.8 at about 30th and a 60th second. The tripod is heavy and I would not be inclined to take it anywhere I missed the spot possibly as far as focussing but in any case there was not enough light so the focus was set by setting the distance on the lens (I think).

Hastings November 2015 Normal lens
Hastings November 2015 Normal lens

Hastings in November - it looks like having used the manual lens that the camera is once again not getting the exposure right! 

Hastings-Fairlight November 2015 Normal lens

A grotty stormy dull day in November I did not expect anything from this picture which I went down on the train to take having had it in mind to do that for a long time. I am very satisfied with the picture.

Stitched using Linux Hugin Panorama Creator IXUS 60

This photo, by comparison, was taken with IXUS60 Camera in February 2016 and is made up of many pictures that have been joined. By comparison with the slide film the picture is crisp and sparkler. 

Hastings-Fairlight November 2015 Normal lens
Hastings-Fairlight November 2015 Signor 135mm F2.8 manual lens + tripod

Once again the slide film and the telephoto lens + tripod have got some lovely detail in the rock on the right that I was not did not see on the day.

Hastings-Fairlight November 2015 Tokina 28mm f2.8 lens

 Tamron 28mm lens.

I have a number of these Tunbridge Wells Winter festival January 2016 pictures - The slide film and flash was no good for as I expected for this type of photography.

Winter lantern parade Tunbridge Wells December 2105