Motive and Change

Created 2009, changed 25/03/2020, 29/03/2020

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Hedge laying at Barnetts Wood Nature Reserve, December 2009. Picture of me taken by a countryside officer at Kent High Weald Project.

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It is easier to say what should be done than to bring it about. Often people don’t actually want what they say they want to come about and moan when it does, it seems. But it might be that you are hearing different people, or that people have jumped on another bandwagon.

Self censorship is more effective than physical torture.

Those who shape acceptability and culture, whether those things are “light foot print on the earth”, “clean living and be seen to be good” or the “accumulation of money and things” as acceptable, shape the way we self censor, this imposes on us an obligation not to question or wish to clarify. Our thoughts and interpretations are selectively broadcasts, which is distortion. It is wrong, though, to assume that companies, people, organisations just make money any way and have no ethic, protect themselves by finding a monopoly position using law and patent. But there is no general rule these things are not basic truth, but do they do cause stress. Relentless growth in a finite world is not sustainable, something has to give, therefore living within our means is a basic truth.

I am also interested in accuracy though quite a lot of my references are recollections primarily because they are important examples of perception, wishes in retrospect, or otherwise unrecorded but valuable understanding of things. They help us put together a model of the world from a range of uncertainties and likelys.

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