Chesterfield & Unstone Grange

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Photographs August & December 2006

Chesterfield & Unstone Grange with VegiVentures

Photos taken with my new Cannon IXUS 6M pixel x3 zoom digital camera. Some pictures taken on film with Cannon AE1 and 35-105 zoom lens.

Chesterfield  Church Spire

Chesterfield Town & Co-op 

Queens Park Chesterfield

Chesterfield & Town Hall

Chatsworth - actually the lake is a right angle without a bend.

The second picture look closely do you see a violin - is it real?

That is not a real woman reclining - she does not answer back.  RB211 Rolls Royce jet engine turbine.

Bakewell - Bakewell Tart and Custard was ok.

Sheffield - Library and looking towards Peace Gardens


Sheffield transport, Tinsley Canal, and some views from the super tram

Sheffield and modern wing of the Cathedral

Unstone Grange 


 Informal dancing lessons and the boss relaxing.

Making things & Football.

One of the workshops at Unstone Grange was on temperament. I have retained an interest in since.


Craig & Arty stuff.

The Last Night of The Ventures


Christmas 2006 VegiVenture

Croydon Hall 23-27 December 2006 (I came the 22nd) 

Coastal Walk - I had to walk on the Water for these shots & West Somerset railway Santa special.


Walk back from the pub spotted some toadstools. & Lane to Croydon Hall (picture of hall was taken from this lane)


Panto sisters sitting together. Christmas Dinner Alison & Chef Nigel.



Would be a medieval town of Dunster but for all the cars parked around. Jenny (latter to be the wicked witch) & John.

Maurice Dancers

Joan (who celebrated her 87th birthday) with friend.

Caught some movement in the dancing & audience Sally (Panto sister and Joan's daughter)

Maurice dancers in front of the Yarn Market & more VegiVenturers in the audience.

Like most of these pictures this picture is really larger and you can read all about the Yarn Market

Brenda & Jenny outside & inside hotel with John.

Mulled wine

Available light photograph.

They are talking really. Julie & other VegiVentureres

Feeling the same way about it! Decorated mirror. Picture on the wall of medieval times.


Fairy on the Christmas Tree & Things people write in letters - made us laugh a lot!

Andy asks for suggestions of a machine - Healing or some therapy machine

Natalie reading & Geoff reciting

Choir & Oracle would answer almost any question.

 Dot & Flow talking, one of them spoke of the VegiVenture Christmas house party she had been on. She did not get Vegetarian, Vegan, or the workshops offered like Shit-su or something. In conclusion because of the food the holiday was more like A Christmas house farty, And she would go to Butlins next year.

The Cabaret was popular with audience lots of laughter!

Like the the wicked witch none of the players were nasty in reality

This sister on the left is a bit nasty but the other sister is so good. 

The chap holding the rose (might be a tulip) is the two sisters father

The wicked witch & Beauty. Beauty marries the Beast who it turns is not a beast

Geoff's Panto every year what can you say!

The Bar at Croydon Hall