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 Andrew Lohmann photo take in June 2012 (The Courier July 2012)

Pictures and viewpoints;

Malhamdale - North Yorkshire, Leeds, Settle, Carlisle Railway - HF holidays in about 1995.  (DRAFT New page for photos found)

Thailand 1998 (this page) - various other pictures including: Whitby, North Yorkshire, & Locally: Kent & Sussex (these are good).

 Peru_2003 - Ancient city of Chan-Chan, The Andes and a fortress at 3KM, The Amazons, and swimming with Pink Dolphins

 Turkey with Vegi Ventures And other VegiVentures including St. Davids CATT and Croydon Hall from 1998

Notting Hill Carnival 2004 and London Tower Bridge

 Lake District and other  Photos June-October 2005 

Kent and Sussex Photos 2006 

Also holidays Chesterfield & Unstone Grange  August & Christmas 2006

 Guatemala 2007 VegiVentures - I have a wonderful enthusiastic business proposal for this holiday written by the anthropologist and tour guide; Oda Seedhouse

Alterative explanation for the creation of the Pyramids, and so much of the great buildings around the world, are that they were made of concrete or melted and poured stone using great lenses and solar power.  No slavery by the pacifist Egyptians, and masons have kept some of the secrets since.  Their maths and trigonometry was metic, all derived from the drop of water to make the cm, the Metre and the 1 kg, they knew the Earth was round, and they knew pi.  See The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019

 Working in Buckingham 2008  My second contract was with Wipac in Buckingham. Nice environment and very efficient.

Canada photos 2009 Thousand Islands is a lovely part of Canada.

Gillingham & Lake District 2009 That is Gillingham, Dorset (not the one in Kent that sounds like Jillingham)

Canada Wedding & Buckden Tower VegiVentures 12/2012

Winter photographs 2014-2015 Christmas 2014 VegiVentures Hawkwood, Stroud, Gloucestershire And International Photographic Society - Pantiles Walk 29-03-2015

Summer 2015 Hastings, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Bexhill-on-Sea , Bore Place Calverley Grounds.

Summer film photography 2015 Tinkers Farm Steam event, Ragged Trousers, Grosvenor and Hilbert rec. Horses.

Summer 2015 - AE-1 No.2, Kodak 400 ASA print, 105 mm F3.5 + polarizing filter, 35-105 mm F3.5, Tokin 28 mm F2.8. Hastings, Bexhill, King Charles The Martyr + Comparison photos with IXUS60. 

Manual camera film photography 2015 Yashica Mat, Kodak slide film, Weston light meter. 

Autumn and Winter 2015 Maidstone, Vegiventures 25th Christmas. (new to come December 2015)

AE-1 Fuji Slide film September 2015 to February 2016  100 ASA, Soft portrait manual telephoto 135 mm, f2.8 lens (new page to come) 

Christmas 2019 VegiVentures No special pictures I have taken pictures of Stroud, Gloucestershire, they are on other pages. 

Christmas 2022 HF Holidays Alnmouth, Northumberland. 

Thanet, Kent, April 2022 and June 2023 - Stayed in Broadstairs 

Abingworth HF holiday August 2023 - West Sussex part of the South Downs National park. 

 Pictures and perspectives;

   The soft light is lovely around North Yorkshire

These photos were taken with a Nikon EM with a sigma zoom lens 28-70 mm I think? The sigma lens is sharp with little distortion but does noticeably not cope with direct sunlight, but having said that the effects can be pleasing to the eye.

Whitby Abbey – Strikingly you can see what the 19c photographer Sutcliffe, and the people who chose the site for the abbey felt and photographed in the light & scenery around Whitby

Norway  (Easter 1982?)

 Norway 1982? – Taken with Agfa Silette I, and Leningrad Light Meter, using Fuji Slide Film. This camera is easiest to use, sharp pictures and good with any lighting. There is picture distortion which is generally not noticeable but makes the centre bigger than the edges. Set the camera approximately then you only need to think about the composition of the photo.

  Sedburg, Cumbria

 Notting Hill Carnival ~1989 

An enormous street party

The event is different and became a managed show

Hever Castle in Kent

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction…. The chain reaction of evil–hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars–must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.” Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength To Love, 1963

Rotaroa, & South part of north island, New Zealand 1987

Fox Glassier ? & Glow Worms & South Island




 Snow capped mountain in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island – Wellington wall painting

My personal view is that we are at least better off with European Union, and the Euro.  In fact I think much of what we have from the EU such as Citizenship rights and possibly a future constitution is excellent.  The achievement of the EU is beyond my original sceptical 1976 view in the common market debate.  Peace is in Europe is central a objective.  By contrast we are only subject of the Queen (or US) as UK residents any sort of constitution we have is unwritten and varies at establishment’s convenience.  Also EU is sceptical about that filthy GM.  GM creates a superhighway of new variations of bugs 10,000 times more quickly than nature {to paraphrase Dr Mae-Wan Ho}. Plant and animals genes divided 1 billion years ago, are now being crossed, massive amounts of unidentified, may not normally be expressed (Junk) DNA are moved with the intended gene.

 6M Mirror – Nambucy Head (North), New South Wales – Trees – Kiwi – Blue mountains 

Australian scenery and wildlife is so different to anywhere else in the world – should be visited after New Zealand

 Melbourne – Sidney Harbour Bridge

My Father John Lohmann (1929-2002)

said about things that were not good for me like having a few drinks: “Don’t do it – pause – Unless you want to” The meaning was it’s not good for me, and he wanted me to look after myself, even so what i’m doing is entirely OK.

  Bexhill Car Rally & De-La-Warr Pavilion 


Brian (desperate of Derbyshire) tells me:

“As you can’t please every one, it's best to please yourself”

“If you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for anything” Jokes & Stories


View to the sea. – Hastings

Melbourne & Concord at Sidney Airport

Thailand 1998;

 Thailand (Phuket) 1998 – Famous Tropical Sunset

I am an Electronics Design Engineer and was a Labour Southborough Town Councillor since 1995 to 2007, and chaired the Planning and Transportation Committee from October that year till April 2003.  I am a car owner but prefer public transport or walking.  My preference is for vegan food.  I support of Anti-Nuclear and various environmental organizations.  I endeavour to recycle and reuse where possible, I value well-made things.  I am not tolerant of being told can’t, without a good explanation.

 Seven Sisters (Cliffs between Eastbourne and Worthing)

 £40 school cruise in 1971 to the Canary Islands and Casablanca

I bought a Tommy Cooper Hat.  Pictures are a sunset nearly as good as a tropical sunset on the way out and Madeira with local guide and school boys on the cruise.  Print film & processing was not up to much at the time, and the first picture was not printed.  The pictures were taken using light tables & my lovely Camera Agfa Silette I.  It has been necessary to soften the pictures to make them usable.  The camera copes wonderfully with direct sunlight, has a very sharp f2.8 lens, and has been repaired a number of times since in order to align the view finder and I have also fixed the film winder. – Tommy Cooper was asked on Parkinson where did he get his Fez. Tommy started to talk about North Africa, but got distracted and upset.  Apparently he backed a horse at 20 to 1 but it came in at 20 past 4.  Tommy then chuckled at his joke.

P&O Cruises to the West Indies in 1976 & 1978 Avril and myself - possibly Antigua;