Empathy Toughness and Hierarchy of motives

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Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire

Man made things tends to become calm and peaceful when left to nature eventually.

10 Empathy Toughness and Hierarchy of motives

In the natural cause of things as people become more comfortable and safe, then empathy follows. There is a hierarchy of motives, but people can chose to be angry to toughen themselves up, or pay for others to do bad things for them, thereby circumventing empathy that should follow from relative comfort. Leading by example or consent, is a passive and powerful method of persuasion, that can overcome these negative motives. But there is the Royalty factor where a selection of people are so remote from the people there can not empathise with them. (the cleaners at Buckinghm Palace are paid less than the minimum wage 4/2011) I think this is not strictly true Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Charles, Princess Diana seemed to empathise. 

This is not the hierarchy I was looking for there is another which looks like a staircase and the motivations differ in order but this is reliant. 

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Maslow%27s_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svg also see http://www.maslow.org/index.htm

It is a mistake to believe that legal protection will bring empathy, often rules are applied in a way that is contrary to there intent in order to make the rule unworkable, or plain bloody-mindedness (jobs-worth, as Ester Ransen would say). Ms Ransen has said she went too far campaigning for the state to protect on her BBC program during the 1980′s. But If I say children are over protected, that is they get less chance to climb and therefore fall out of trees, and less likely to come in contact with bad people, people will say that is how it should be.

Examples of toughening up include sending children to boarding school, and soldiers being bullied during training. An example from nature of the benefit of anger can be seen in the life cycle of salmon. Can’t and no such thing as can’t was the traditional a difference between what is taught in state education and taught in public school education.  (I spoke about this in 1995 see Alternative)

Soldiers often have to live in the woods for a few decades after they have been involved in conflict. It seems sometimes natural ways heal the best.  Women living and bringing up children outside the Greenham common peace camps outside that USAF base reported anecdotally that they and their children were in better health compared to children brought up in conventional homes indoors.

Community at Brickhurst Farm for permaculture, Pembury near Tunbridge Wells.


Robin Hood's Bay, N Yorkshire.

11 Temperament;

Temperament is a factor, in understanding motivation and latent ability, but people develop and broaden. My temperament is “Rational Inventor” using the Montgomery short sorter, but the longer one http://keirsey.com/sorter/ tends to make me an more like an Artisan or but Guardian fits - I don’t know which subcategory. Brackets are; Ezekial in 590 BC, interestingly they compare type to animals and proportion of the population. I have seen the bottom two boxes transposed. Here is another sorter http://www.cymeon.com/epp_info.asp called Eysenck Personality Profiler it is different and places me fairly centrally.

What is (ideology) v What works 

What works can have rules – rules that make it work,

What works can be structured – don’t confuse that,

What works can have theory – but Ideology is unbending,

People who live by Ideology – can be bound by the will of others who create the ideology.