Summer photographs 2015

Created 14-07-2015, Changed 04-03-2020, 06-04-2020

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Camera is a Cannon IXUS 60 unless stated.

International Photography Club - Calverly Grounds, Tunbridge Wells, June 2015

In A Dream

Most these photos are over exposed by two stops this is a mistake. I find having this feature hidden inside the camera's menu somewhere very inconvenient. What I have seen of all digital camera's that they are all like this unfortunately. And most saturate the colour to some extent so that you do not start with a good representation of the scene you have photographed.

I noticed that the exposure was set to plus 2 stops and corrected that for subsequent pictures.

Meadow School, Southborough, Lions Club Fair June 2015

Breaking such an obvious rule of photography can come off. The second picture the rule break does not work at all but the first picture there is something that works I shall keep that in mind. The car is an open top 1938 MG it has a 6V Dynamo a cut-out relay but not a regulator relay - the owner told me that the dynamo is the third brush type and he has a high/low switch and Ammeter on the Dashboard. The instruction book would also tell an owner about how to adjust the third brush - although until the owner told me I did not know that there was a high/low switch but I guess the basic Morris's and Austin's would not have had that switch? The rule is that I have cut the subject with the line of bunting.

Not a world war two fighter pilot's MG TC but a TD. The motor bike is a German 1950s bike there were two different German bikes at this event. I am sure importation would be rare at that time for the same reason that "SS" was dropped and changed in the coding of Jaguar car model's in 1938/9. Siemens the company only reverted to its old name in the UK 15 years ago I was told when I was doing bushiness with the company - the name was never concealed (Similarly one of the N's in my name was never dropped during WW2).


Southborough Cricket Club open day July 2015 - I struggled to get a good photo on this poor day but this one captures the nature of this and any similar club well. The camera has automatic and semi-automatic modes that I also use with manual flash control. This gets many pictures very right but this one is not sharp and set the flash myself. I can not control the focus or with a handy button press like the Cannon AE1, add 12.5 stops exposure - such is generally noted as of one of the many good features of that now 40+ year old camera. To labour the point no new digital SLR's are as well designed or uniquely strong as far as I can tell. When the IXUS gets it right, which it mostly does, it as good as the AE1 with slide film. That is it is at least as I was told by Trevor in the Pantiles Camera shop in 2006.

The panoramic picture above of Southborough Cricket pitch was created from my photos and offered to me by Google. Technically it is better quality of merging than my PC tools do. But I do not like the picture because it has flattened the landscape. 

Bore Place, Commonworks - open day July 2015

Available light photography and the camera stood on a stable surface (in all indoor cases this day) using the self-timer. Many pictures have not come out as sharp as they could be particularly for this a camera which is small and has a short focal length lens. This one has come out as well as it should and is very good.