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"The inconvenient truth" Al Gore the elected by number of votes and number of votes counted but never declared President of the United States of America in 2000.

(challenge was made in time for the election to be declared accordingly but the politically appointed judges chose not declared Al Gore US president in 2000)

  • Absolute Human Laws

    • Are broken, but then most humans make up an excuse or a reason for saying they did not break that law.

  • In maths there are basic laws that you obey, so that obviously the work can be done, they are called Identities eg; 2=1+1, 4=2+2, you can not divide by zero and a few others are like grammar but are specific to arithmetic and sciences encompassed by the acronym BODMAS.

    • But differently in maths to human law, it is usually to break those laws to just see what happens. In Electronics and Electrical Engineering a powerful way of modelling alternating current is to use the imaginary numbers, that is specifically to use "J" and call it the square root of minus one, which is not possible. It is called J and always comes with the declaration "imaginary" that it is that it is rule break.

      • Any in a way it is not a rule break because J does not exist by finding the square root of -1 but it is a symbol that when you use that appears as if it came from imagining that the were a square root of -1 were possible.

      • So that 1 = J x J is the same as 1 = -1-2 x -1-2 and J has disappeared for example.

    • I think much popular science is presented without the strict declaration of assumption and exception such as - to see if. The consequent science fiction that has natural laws broken to cover vast distances may rely on exceptions to see if but if not stated is a deception if the misunderstanding is left uncorrected.

  • Natural Laws;

    • These are the easiest to explain because if you got the law right what happens absolutely does happen. And that is why in small communities that live in nature there is a limit on how bad people can be because if they make themselves unwelcome they will not have the collective support of the community and will plain and simply die of something entirely natural and un-judged by anyone or anything. I have been told of a very good a clear example when visiting Northern Peru and appeared in a Spanish language Newspaper in 2002. Encompassed in the phrase:- What goes around comes around.

    • In nature there is a limit to how many parasites that the host can support (the earth or a beast). Parasites nearly always become symbiotic partners or else the host and the parasite dies. Very simple Karma.

    • Natural Laws of space and physics are identical. Not written down but observed and some understanding found.

    • The word "Karma" is a good word and covers what can not be said well;

      • What comes around goes around,

      • I hope or will make it go around to you,

      • Nature does not judge if you do that then simply this will happen,

      • Laws to insure that it does not happen to me in my life time - but it will no doubt eventually.

Commented about in Tunbridge Wells and made me laugh when I was told - Money Lender in the Temple (Mortgage Broker on the left) This was a Victorian stone built traditional church and it was redeveloped by the Rev John Banner about 20 years ago. The money lender was there for many years but in recent years has changed. A set of photos stitched were taken using a £1 Jenoptic point and shoot camera that was part of a £20 Dummy's guide on digital photography package.

I will call human law breaking and the accompanying get out; "Ah But".

The Ah but's come when someone is faced with there lie. We are so used to them, using and saying them every minute of the day the lie is not seen.

  • A particularity clever way of attempting to stop people breaking rules is right in the at the beginning of the Bible prominently in Genesis;

    • Do not eat the Apple from the Tree of Wisdom.

So my interpretation of this is that "Wisdom" has be substituted by the word "Knowledge" and that this spin is commonly done by clever-ish humans. The meaning is don't use your wisdom to work out an excuse. That is Thou shalt not ...... and in reply Ah but ........

The Bible also has another primary rule to resolve this habit of humans to find an excuse and not do it. So once the rule is broken it is not all lost because;

  • God is all forgiving. (nature in truth IS all forgiving but not on the scale of taking humans do now)

    • Do not eat God's Animals or fish

To deal with this one I am going to have to set up a few things. The Bible is full of laws to back up the one primary directive in Genesis which is to not kill.

But in nature also Human's anatomy comes from our monkey ancestors and looks identical. What is best for us is Fruit, Veg, Nuts, Beans, Seeds and probably insects. Thereby the one supports the other.

These inconvenient truths are not seen in the same way that an advanced alien would not understand why a human does not understand something normal and trivial. Very well portrayed in early TV series Dr Who, Space Museum - very cleverly written and skilfully acted portrayal of a hardly noticeable to a time traveller aberration of the time machine that is astonishing beyond anything the 3 humans from different times periods could imagine. See The Space Museum In the Second episode of the first story The Doctor's Granddaughter Susan is surprised that her school teachers don't understand that the machine must travel in space and time because its inner dimensions or the machine are bigger on the inside than it's outer dimensions.