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Bexhill, East Sussex, Car Rally (2000?)

26 Power and excitement 

In the 1850′s steam cars and electric cars were becoming popular, and they were functional. They were a threat to the horse lobby, and these cars were effectively legislated off the road in 1865 by restrictions, with laws such as the requirement for a man to walk in front with a flag . These cars could be turned on then driven. By comparison cars with internal combustion engine, that returned to British notably after the first motor show that was put on in Tunbridge Wells in 1895, were not efficient for the widely variable loading required, gearboxes are required to keep the engine speed within the comparatively narrow power range. Those gearboxes made of pre-WW1 steel was not as good as modern steel so parts such as pieces of the teeth of gears broke off and consequently the gear would require replacement when there was indicate amount of any gear wheels tooth was broken off. A good car might have two forward gears, and in addition you had to crank the engine to start it.

Rolls Royce Car Lubrication, C C Wakefield, Grosvenor Street, London W1.

Victorian cars used a wide range of vegetable oils, these oils were superseded by mineral oils in the 20th century


Rolls Royce car casting had no identification numbers or marks to prevent weakness in the casting.

Pre- WW1:- If you were going to drive a car again the same day you could open the throttle then turn the ignition off, this is described in Rolls Royce user manual. This left fuel in the engine which may ignite when the car ignition (spark box) was turned on and start the car without cranking the engine. You should of-cause not do this with a post WW1 car, the ignition is different (does not have the spark box feature) and leaving unburned petrol in the engine will wash away vital lubrication which is bad.

Mortality rate rises at age 16-17 when young people get motorbikes and cars.Home_a21

The nature of the car with internal combustion engine is that, by its poor matching of engine power, which is very narrow band, compared to electric or steam, which is required to the match the approximate cubic relationship between power required for a given speed required means that it has to be driven with gear changing. Gear changing was a challenge, particularly changing down with early sliding mesh gearboxes. People now allow themselves to be distracted by mobile phones when driving irrespective of law and safety as if their car was like Knight Rider’s car that takes care of it occupant driver whatever that driver chooses to do. Drivers complain about the, US import, culture of litigation as seen in our own health and safety for example.

It is my view that all living reasoning beings have quoter’s of emotional experience. In the case of being under stressed the solution is to increased risk taking, over stimulation leads to reduction in risk. Alternatively the being becomes depressed.

The number of serious injuries and fatalities drops in snow and icy conditions on the roads. Possibly perception of risk becomes more realistic. That is the quote of perceived risk is reached before so many people are directly killed on the road, but having said that the vast majority of deaths by cars are due to air quality. (Government statistic 24,000 January 1998) now 29,000 in 2014 according to 38 Degrees.

Masonry, Church, and most organisations of groups behaviour can give its members a false superiority, that displaces responsibility. Councillors, MPs are not unique in asking others to confirm what they are doing is correct, passing on responsibility, the plea of many MPs in the current expenses debate. Parliamentary privilege gives an MP power to state anything is so, and that MP is immune from any accusation of deception. It is of cause band manners to deceive parliament, but it is a criminal offence that has been punished by imprisonment to draw attention to such a lie.

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27 TV’s Top Gear – Clarkson factor

 http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/tilldeathusdopart/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Til_Death_Us_Do_Part

Alf Garnet (The Jewish actor Warren Mitchell), Silly Moo (Dandy Nichols), Rita (Una Stubbs), Scouse git or Shirley Temple (Anthony Booth)

Alf Garnet in “Till death do us part” would ridicule a bigoted git using defamatory names for religious, or foreign people. At the end of one show in the 1960′s the moo, his wife character who had been eating a box of chocolates not sharing any of them said “your grandfather was Jewish”. The ordinance for this show were equally the people being ridiculed and knew that, enjoyed the defamatory language, and where encouraged, As those who watched the show to laugh at ridiculous working class Tory hypocrite. Possibly the only person to allow herself to be made a fool of by this TV programme was Mrs Whitehouse as for everyone of her complaints viewing figures increased. 

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Exaggerating something does not necessary break it, that silly or bad characteristic may be encouraged. Jeremy Clarkson, presented a good even handed article on Top Gear on the pros and cons of public transport v the car, years ago. In more recent programmes he plays the petrol head which is good for ordinance figures, a modern day Alf Garnet.


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Subsequently Duckhams brand displaced summer and winter grade engine oils with Multi-Grade oil usually 20-40 SAE.

Question – when Mrs Thatcher expressed an understanding of exponential growth in her house wife’s shopping basket example of balancing her budget in 1980, would she have ultimately brought the expectation of endless growth to an end, by ridiculing, if she had been allowed to remain as prime minister longer? Ultimately was it Tony Blair (who’s father in law  Anthony Booth was an character in Till Death Do Us Part) who consulted with her who has brought scepticism into the belief in endless growth. Was this the project, by accident or design?  

Full circle small cars are practical; 

The big cars of the 1930′s were displaced by practical small cars for going between A & B. 3 litre Bentley won races in the 1920's and the 6 litre supper charged Bentley was noisy and more popular. Such thoroughbred cars but were impractical and expensive to fuel much appreciated cars but became obsolete. Returning now – okay not so fuel inefficient but development has given more performance for the similar MPG of a 1930′s Austin 7.


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