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                                                                                                               31 July, 2000

For Publication

Dear Sir,

I understand from Mr Norman MP that Lamberhurst Parish Council have environmental concerns about the Lamberhurst Bypass. Presumably loss off passing trade must be a concern of that council. Road building can bring or take trade away this has to be studied.

There are concerns people like myself have about a new section of trunk road at Castle Hill. In our case visual intrusion, noise carried across the valley between, poor air quality in Longfield Road, and harm to the natural environment. The benefit claimed by the Access to Hastings Multi-modal study is a saving of 5 minutes in journey time between Hastings and the M25. Though the study does not include any entirely non-road building strategy options, options one and two seem the least environmentally damaging, and have safety measures. You can also make your own comments. The people of Tunbridge Wells wish traffic moderation. To that end, they support rail, other public transport, and presumably non-transport alternative solutions, what ever there view of trunk road building.

You could comment that the restoration of rail line Tunbridge Wells to Lewes, and the creation rail freight sidings to carry waste from The Industrial Estate, should be studied.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Lohmann