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Archie presses for A21 improvements (5/2/99)

Archie Norman, Tunbridge Wells MP, met with roads minister Lord Whitty on Thursday, to press him over A21 improvements.

He was armed with aerial photographs of gridlock on the road taken by Courier photographer Gavin Sawyer. Mr Norman said: “The Government has failed to decide what is to be done to alleviate the bottleneck on the A21.” The future of the A21 between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells still hangs in the balance. Consultation through an Access to Hastings study is be carried out which should determine this. But Mr Norman argued the study is a “red herring” and the need for widening the A21 is critical: “Access to Hastings is part but only part of the whole A21 problem. “Access to Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge is equally as important. Only a minority of cars caught in the local congestion are travelling to Hastings.” Andrew Starling, researcher for MP Archie Norman, with the aerial photographs of the A21.

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