Canada photos 2009

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Canada 14 May - 12 June 2009

How about waking up in the morning to this view?

Ontario Canada 14 May - 12 June 2009

David's Cottage beside lake Charleston


House renovation on Prince Street, Gananoque.

Kingston - University City;

Gananoque - walk around the periphery of the town and the town


Thousand Island boat ride out of Gananoque;

Kingston - The Government building and other places.

Charleston Provincial Park - near David's cottage

Gananoque - House renovation in Prince Street continued.

Pony trek - Lansdown

The Cottage by Charleston Lake again

Wolf Island and the ferry from Kingston

Kingston - on return from Wolf Island 

Gananoque - there is a beaver by the river bank.

Golf Course - Lansdown

Gananoque - Walk around the periphery of the town

Cobourg - Town Hall - Bail (court room)

Cobourg & Porthope