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 Adobe Temple

1000 years old, those things that look like loudspeakers also amplify sound impressively when you face the grill and speak.Northern Peru receives few tourists, many of these temples were painted with gold which you could touch and get some on your fingers. Chan-Chan was a 20 mile long and 3,000 year old city with a mixture of mud brick and modern concrete and tarmac.

Amazon Zoom-in

4 The Amazons;

What I observed people living in the Amazons as close to sustainability and nature as I could imagine possible. Wow! The people live by farming, gathering and some hunting. I also observe that people living in the mountains of Peru a very marginal subsistence poorly nourished boosting there strength chewing Coca Leaves, which have very low small amount of cocaine and therefore mildly stimulating, this is a traditional traded from low land people. Such traditions, though do little harm, are being curtailed by outside imposition to be replaced with money based foreign trade that is harmful to culture and health.

Raft with two guys rowing taking the bananas to market 70 miles down the Amazon to Iquitos.

My holiday in 2003 where I visited Northern Peru, has remained the most remarkable holiday. I saw people in the Amazons region living as in the Garden of Eden, the kids had favourite English football teams, and the villages all had football pitches, some with a proper grandstand stadium for a dozen or so people. 

Visitors from the first world came, then left digital watches. solar panels, or killed wildlife with a bow and arrow during their visit. Wildlife being in abundance could take all this, but the watch had no purpose, indigenous people got up at 5:30AM and went to bed at 6:30PM. The battery that came with the solar panel was sold, the only useful thing you could do with it. Food, medicine, soap from leaves, grows naturally and is near to hand. Things live well or die, I found it exhilarating. Sometimes in the capital Iquitos people do bad things, but eventually they disappear. The group I was with had nothing to do with harming camen, hunting or eating animals or fish, see Peru_2003

Missing Picture

of village football pitch and stadium missing

  Football in a village near the Amazon; A Village 70 miles down the Amazon from Iquitos near where we stayed.

The women are sitting on a floating log doing the washing. No beads for sale to us they just liked visitors. Peru_2003.html


In Peru there are a lot of church run cafés and restaurants their mission is to provide vegan food very cheaply, and spread their message by example. The paintings on the walls similarly had a scene of a river, trees, sunlight with mothers working and looking after children while men standing under the trees looking on. Things as they are ideally which made the group I was with smile. The people we visited in the villages sharing there work equally, unlike the idyllic panting in the cafe, there were no men stand by watching women work. They did not exploit animals or fish unduly either, there was no reason to.

It is difficult to put into words my feelings of Peru but if you look at patato website in Lima Peru it is decorated with pre-Inca Peruvian patterns that you also see on the walls of mud-brick temples. These patterns are also in the rocks of the Andes and you might also visualise them in the music and what you experience. In fact the patterns sounds of animals and enormous natural diversity particularly of Northern Peru are a feature but it is mono-cultural with very little outside influence other than what is completely assimilated. There should be an all encompassing simple word for this impression but I don’t know what that word is?

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