Changes in attitude towards war since WWII (MC)

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8 Changes in attitude towards war since WWII;

The laws that were used to convict Nazis at Nuremberg after WWII were not convicted by victor’s law but a prior law of “A Crime Against Peace” now called “The Crime of Aggression” may not stand. More strikingly people accept that that is so. Do the robots, and planes used in war make the victims of war insignificant and therefore consequences of war, that is killing ordinary people like you and me, less apparent? Is there any difference between what Britain does now and what occurred in the British concentration camps of the Boar War, which included putting broken glass into food (H Lohmann)? How did this come about, I guess part of that answer may be gradually, partly because enough people are comfortable and let it happen, and feel that it won’t affect them, war being distant places.

Dam-busters raid started to be planned in 1937 in perpetration for the war to come. The Bombing of Dams and killing of civilians consequently would be illegal if carried out now see; Dambusters Declassified Documentary - full 1 hour version - Martin Shaw

We generally concede our common law rights, that is almost unavoidable. They are; To take what we need for shelter, Take food we need, Provided we do no harm. The Law of the Forest guides in size of shelter. These laws are basically Saxon Laws, pre-Magna Carta. These basic common laws “Laws of the Forest” were written down supplement to Magna Carta.

My reference comes partly from Radio 4, 2009 Michael Portillo on the history of law.

A Heretics Guide to Physics (this link has changed please search  the host site)

Wafer Scale Integration – for air traffic control. Also see Transputer and Occam Programming language.

Geostationary Orbiting Satellites

Quad – Current Dumper – Audio Amplifier – explained (type of feed-forward compensation)


Seeming to give Falklands away, launching a war, then sinking the Belgrano as it tried to scuttled away, was justified because the wicked General Leopoldo Galtieri’s government of Argentina, which oppressed and killed 10,000′s Argentinians, fell subsequently. The retribution against Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in million or so killed based on the possibility of a few people carried out an act of terrorism and may have come from a Muslim country with a lot of oil or a route for a Russian oil pipeline. 

Palestine region people lived without an apparent government incoming Jews saw threat where there was no threat and built walls where walls many not have been necessary. They have been supplied and funded with weapons presumably to encourage bad things. It is not surprising that this happened, people of Jewish religion, who had been traumatised by the holocaust. The history of the Jews in Europe is for them to only be permitted to do unpopular work such as money lending (usury) during medieval times in Britain. All people are basically good but do bad things.

Rotoroa, North Island, New Zealand 1987,

Remember the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior by the French in Auckland Harbour in 1985.

General Dynamics promotional film showing Cruise Missiles flying as if, over the White Cliffs of Dover, and through a mountainous terrain The British Isles would be the USA’s unsinkable aircraft carrier to Launch a limited nuclear war from. The 1980 editorial in Wireless World ‘Microchips and Megadeaths‘ contributed to the formation of many groups such as Electronics for Peace that with merger is now Scientist for Global Responsibility. Though not related the discussion other than to demonstrate the quality of this publication. There were many technically sound articles viewpoints and constructional projects some totally contrary to the established view at the time published by this magazine. No other journal would publish them.

New Labour came to power with an ethical foreign policy, 13 dirty road schemes to abolish (which included the A21 at Castle Hill, Tunbridge Wells near where I live) and a green mandate on transportation. Very shortly after that the truckers and the oil companies organised road blockages. Clearly Tony Blair was not going to get anywhere by positive pursuing mandate commitments, the Labour Government would have to learn quickly, and it did. Britain was dragged, with cross party support, into a war against an Axes of Evil as well.

This could have hurt !!! (Email in circulation) HowaRealManTakesoffhisUnderwear.wmv

To harm is wrong even if occasionally the underdog or foreign person on the other side of a British weapon occasionally comes out the better but there is a 100:1 chance they won’t. I am certain that the bull is now dead all the same eaten.

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