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Planning and Transport Committee Report to the Annual Town Meeting in 15 April 2003

By Councillor Andrew Lohmann chairperson of the planning and transportation committee.

The committee meets every two weeks generally on a Monday. We also meet on the Friday morning before to look at plans and read associated paper work, make site visits, speaking to the applicants where possible with visits to others who we think may have planning observations to make. The committee meeting on the Monday evening makes its recommendations, after discussion and listening to any public representations. As statutory consultees we have the same consultation period as the public. Ultimately the Western Area Planning Committee determines the application often with decisions delegated to officer. The committee achieves a high degree of agreement with the borough council’s subsequent decision.

Holden House Holden Road,

Apple Acres, - four house then revised with more.

Sainsbury – no but seemed ok but for are subsequent view that the market square should be like a forecourt for the large store,


Flats on High Brooms – Farrants and old Laundry,

Chestnut Avenue – barrier to prevent cars going in to garden,

Though supporting a new bus service to Knights Park from Kibbles lane - Expressed a wish that it be extended to the Pembury Hospital, and be regular minutes past the hour.

Workers bus 1st and last. 284 or replacement 294 bus.

Southlands 284.

Note that 284 Saturday bus remains popular with once again father Christmas giving away apples courtesy and T/W Farmers market. The bus which is wheelchair friendly, periodically is patronised by a wheel chair user and companion.

The Tescos outlet at the former Shell petrol station has been built and is operating, as a consequence of planning appeal and public inquiry. Although clearly very popular, there are some planning and highways issues that are of concern. Conversely the planning application for a small Sainsbury store on the site of the former Bell Public House, was recommended for approved.


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