Autumn and Winter 2015

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Photos taken using Cannon IXUS60 unless stated.

Brighton in October

VBites - this looks lovely and I only taste it with my eyes because it taste dreadfully sweet and sickly and I knew that of both the nutty coffee and the Sundae before I bought it. And I enjoyed it and partly probably because it is vegan it has no afterwards I wish I had not done that feeling. 

Brighton West Pier taken from the Palace Pier, End of the Pier (Very little colour in this day in October), I have turned the picture to black and white but you can hardly tell.

The old Stein next to the Pavilion, The bus shelter's and this cafe style are quite unique to Brighton (I could not get an angle without something so this picture features a lamp post right in the middle of the field.

Lentil, onion, carrot, garlic pasties.

Soak lentils for a few hours.

Pour off the surplus water. Then add some water back.

Chop an onion.

Finely chop some garlic cloves.

Dice a carrot - this need not be included it is only for colour.

Cashews slightly broken or whole.

Add all those and microwave mixing a few times.

Set the time to stop before it is all soft. (my microwave is slow and old so it took 6 mins)

I used Just Roll out puff pasty and cooked for 20 min. Move and turn the pasties/rolls to unstick them (I do not oil the tray). Finally cook at 40'C or the lowest setting for 5 mins to just use the heat in the oven.

These are mild and sweet in flavour. More so when cold.

November and December - Maidstone on some day's that feature winter gloom.

The Vintage, Maidstone, nearby Kent County Library.

Available light and on the plate is; Sweet potato vegan curry with boiled potatoes. The only clue that this pub/restaurant is a franchise is that the Christmas menu promotion is the same one that is in the Ginny Butt, Tunbridge Wells and that in turn has very similar items on the menu as the Hungry Horse. Otherwise The Vintage is much more a customer can have what they chose within reasonable boundaries - no rice on offer and I did not want chips.

Tonbridge Waitrose social experiment on veganism

Tonbridge Waitrose has gone through a lot of changes and now has a number cafe areas within the store.

When I went in last during mid November 2015 the new little café had very lovely small vegan coconut and cherry slice (I tried it before) On a paper plate with a paper cup of coffee and a plastic spoon and a cramped seating area. With my member card was 50p. The old bigger café area has been revamped and is now open again and that has an ordinary section of nice cakes and things containing milk or egg or both, china cup, china plate, metal spoon and fork. With the card £1.50 to 2.00

Stand up bar serve yourself paper cup - Buy anything in the store and present the card. No charge. Anyway all this made me wonder if Waitrose is conducting a social or commercial experiment at vast expense including sections of the store closed for some weeks setting it up. Either way for me not eating farmed animal things has been very good for my health and as long as you eat your veg and fruit and enjoy it raw is of cause good for all of us. If you also include nuts bean and seeds you have everything humans need and most people in the world live that way.

Maidstone East from the path from Maidstone Barrack's rail station. I have walked passed and though there was a picture above the fence and over my head or if what was between me were made invisible. The Bleak winter. County Hall is just behind and is a feature of the next picture.

Next picture is a panoramic that has worked reasonably well - a bit bendy but then County Hall is bendy. Invictor House to the left is a modern building but the central naturally lit staircase is surely influenced by the De-La-Warr, Pavillion as so very much architecture is but none have ever captured again.

Invictor/Maidstone Vegans pre-Christmas meeting at Fortify Restaurant, Maidstone in December.

So not only is vegan food very nice it is good for us and that is always known by Royalty to eat there veg. and made a point of by Captin cook in order to manage scurvy in his pressed ships crew. The alternative that we have is chicken that is so intensely farmed that the amount of food value put in is only twice what came out, the figure is 4 times for lamb and 7 times for beef these figures given at a Tunbridge Wells UNA meeting in November 2015 and the figure for beef is about twice as intense as the animal welfare organisations believe.

Despite having in cities for the first time good fresh or quick frozen veg so people do not need to cook it excessively. Ordinary people can avoid the old disease of excess as the royals and wealthy did in the the past. Primarily I do it because I am very well on it compared with the alternative. Any supermarket vegetable is better than what city people had the opportunity to have in the past. At least all supermarket animal products now have an undesirable taste and after effect compared to what we used to have. 

Thanks to Animal Aid in Tonbridge for running the Vegan Challenge in November 2015 it was very encouraging and supportive. I am a little more disciplined about eating what is good for me than I was before.

Vegiventure's 25th Christmas - Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire, 2015.

Left; The house in the trees. (I can't see hte house)

Right below; I could not see a picture in here but took the picture by method rather than inspiration. Method works and I like the photo more than what I observed in it at the time. I was not sure if these pictures would work. This sort of picture can come off well. 

Reed-Bed sewage treatment there are natural shaped wooden bench seats by some of the ponds so you can come out of the house and see how what you have done is getting on. There is very little smell.

These two panoramic photos are the best I have managed to achieve by using stitch. There is absolutely nothing that I have done the picture is there to be seen exactly as it has come out. The nice think about the Cannon IXUS60 is that the colours, tones and light are true more so than any other make of camera.

Left; Edin (facing) is one of the Chief's this is the meal before the guest's arrive it is more spicy than a Vegiventures meal - lentil and ginger, I guess, stew on baked sweet potato. I agree with Edin that Nigel gets Mitchiline 5* food and it's presentation from people who are not trained to that. But I go further and say also from people unknown to Vegiventures. Management by the Cheif Nigel Walker is a model of inspiring and closely checked and supervised (of cause as is required) that it is a pleasure to roll up my sleeves and ask if I can help and the answer is always yes. Having worked in many places this is quite rare.

Next Left; I like to get away from computers and TV but they crop up in all places more and more now. Hawkwood College has many rooms so there were other rooms with different or no activities going on. 

Right; Swiss Trained Chief Nigel Walker but at the last nigh Cabaret.