Children's fairy tails

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The tree root spirit who looked after guests staying at Dalgarith, Buttermere a guest house where I stayed in 2005

16 Children’s fairy tails

Children are taught empathy by there mothers. I was told that many stories were told to people by the Seals in the sea in Scotland. Jesus fed the 5,000 by setting an example, the fish and loaves were divided and shared. The crowd fed each other by following the example (V. Catt).

Many things in nature are said to be given to us, but the only food given by nature to us to eat is fruit, and some seeds in order to spread seed. Jain’s compromise about the least of any way of life as they also eat leaves without killing the plant, probably made possible by those peoples lifestyle and warm climate.

It is good for your sole and the environment to avoid consuming animals, but I did not stop doing that. The cows mooing for weeks after they have had their calves taking away so that they produce milk, and all the other inhumanities, did not work for me either. In the end I really did not like meat and I found a very strong association with bad headaches, that conviced me. Milk and cheese makes my joints ache and suffer colds longer, and anyway it’s yucky tasting stuff, and that also convinced me.

The man who developed the game of chess supposedly asked the King in the fairy tail that he be paid 1 grain of corn for the first square doubling to 2 grains for the second square and doubling for each square. By the square 64 the last square he would receive 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains of corn. Their is a grain of truth in many stories this story has quite a good moral about exponential money creation, that consequentially results in exponential growth and development, words that should not be linked to sustainability.

Dr. Albert Bartlett’s video on exponential growth

If 1 grain of corn weighs 1 gram then 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains weighs 18 Giga tons. That is 9 times the total world production of corn. See the video on exponential growth.

Corn production see;

An 18th Century British Economist (Thomas Malthus) said that corn production grown arithmetically but population grows geometrically, at some point population has be limited. Applying this too modern living styles where many populations are not growing but all population consumption is growing at a compound rate with the creation of money. Thomas Malthus estimated that limit would be reached when the population reached 900 million, but it may be that the use of oil has extended the worlds capacity temporarily.

In the film “Jason and the Argonaughts” the gods play games with humans placing obstacle's in there way as if they were play chess – Banks, money, vested interest, BBC etc. do the same. ” The rich man in his castle, The poor man at his gate,” The Lord God did not make it that way people did.  But that lie is mixed with a sort of truth the understanding that nature is as “All things Bright and beautiful”.

17 Unmeasurable Cost and Benefit

We are now getting into unmeasurable costs and benefits. These are different to logical arguments about growth and finite resources, and different to argument about whether we should deal with the issue now, or we have left it too late, or deal with it some time in the future, about the conclusion. But are equally important.

Police used to say in the 1990′s, and may still, that on-the-beat policing does not work, anecdotally because; a policemen won’t ever get close to a crime during their career, perhaps within 100 yards (Metres) once. That is, there is no measurable benefit, but there may be an intangibly and big benefit. In the 90′s I witness boys being firmly told, by a policeman, to get on the bus and go home the boys had been rocking cars and setting their alarms off. I guess this could be a significant experience for the boys, who were upset by being caught and dealt with, and would have a positive effect on how they develop. But how could this subjective benefit be measured? All you can say is the the boys were stopped from doing what they were doing, which in any case was a very minor incident.

Police also oppose planning applications that include short cutting pathways because criminals can runaway. What can’t be measured so has been discounted therefore is that if more people walk around, encouraged by short cuts and foot paths, they happen to observe things talk to each other more this is likely to be reassuring and be a very good preventative measure. Those ways may be changing fortunately.

Health examples – With auto-immune system disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis steroids work by turn-off the immune system briefly, breaking the vicious cycle of inflammation, causing auto-immune response leading to more inflammation. Alternative medicines and talking therapies can do the same by taking the stress and anxiety level down and thereby reducing hypersensitive immune response, in some cases. My perception of outcomes in both cases is effective remedy beyond expectation, can occur, but the mechanism of remedy is never entirely determinable.

Don’t discount things as just fairy tails, there are truths within them.

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