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Epilogue - A script run by a computer when a user log's off Or the ending explanation of the story just told.

Doctor Who and his many companions change but the Brigadier, Police Box and theme tune remains the same. A real police box is so dark navy blue I would call the obsolete one in Orpington that was still there until the mid 1970's, virtually black but there were many different models. Rational science, historically accurate story telling, and clear cut division between fiction and fact, is long past in Doctor Who. Even so the television series commands high standards in acting, writing and production and there is a big following for Doctor Who new and old on the web.  The story is of the TARDIS, its many Doctors and many companions does not rely on high tech. computer graphics or sound, that the taking off sound is created using a piano's wire being stroked with a door key, recorded and played backwards, is enough.

There are many celebration's by the BBC of it's own TV series.  Tom Baker does not appear in The Five Doctor's - wisely in my view.  But Patrick Troughton does and he is good being just one of the Doctor's as well as he is good at being The lead actor, The Doctor.  

As far as new Doctor's go the first two are the best.  Not whether viewers see it that way but that seems to be how subsequent Doctor's see it hence they over do it trying to follow a great act particularly in the regeneration.  That is the mistake. Clearly Tom Baker stands out and Peter Davison brings back the consensual democratic aspect, and they all work hard but Patrick has inadvertently outclassed them all, acting to the expectation of him by W. Hartnell. Untimely the least you can say of Tom Baker is that he is as good as the best.  BBC TV's series Blake's 7 achieved higher viewing figures though and was not so tame and nice.

Star Trek Voyager - Cause to Oblivion

Watching Peter Davison again he is very good. But at the time he really was an excellent vet in the TV series "All Creatures Great and small" this was very distracting. I think this Dr, No. 5, has really got the inclusiveness and that it can only be resolved by team effort. He achieves that at least as well as any other Doctor.

For a while Star Trek Voyager, in the 1990s, took up the baton of rational science, mirror of human nature and fear, that Doctor Who had abandoned in the 1980's.

The story "Cause to Oblivion" explores a hopeless possibility that the space ship all the crew and the knowledge they accumulate will be lost. More than that, they know that what they do won't add to the sum of knowledge and understanding after there own imminent annihilation. Their existence, they discover as replicas of the real spacecraft and crew, will never be known about. This American TV Sci-Fi now goes to places no other have been to for. Observation; The later spacecraft Voyager can dump its core making it safer but is very much slower that Captain kirk's Enterprise that can do 1000 light years in 12 hours rather than 1 year that Voyager would take. Captain Kirk's earlier star ship's speed is not consistent doing 4 million light years in 300 years in another Kirk story to Alpha Centauri with engine improvements (they managed to turn back from that journey).

CAUTION Don't watch Blake's 7 before watching these newer Star Trek's. Blake's 7 out classes Star Trek and quite a lot of Who in its portrayal of personality interactions. Gareth Thomas (Blake) says that of British TV and he is correct. Also there is no science in Blake's 7, Star Trek and very little in early Doctor Who but they are enjoyable never the less.

Aldous Huxley's warning or prediction

Here are some Websites;

There are many groups on Facebook I have discussed most of the ideas I present here in many discussion.

The Reunion - Dr Who - Radio 4, 11:15, 7 April 2013

Who is the best Doctor (Kent and Sussex Courier)

Doctor Who: "The Story of Doctor Who" - Classic Documentary  So much has been said on Dr Who but this documentary is quite good. Unfortunately it has been removed.

Loose Cannon's reconstructions of Dr Who 1 & 2 story's  Some of these are narrated or introduced by the actors from the story's. 

There is a lot lost in the high quality productions of modern TV.  What may be lost is that reality is even better, interesting, worrying, subtle, beautiful and that that is not only overlooked but is not even acknowledged.  Virtual reality and real life unreality of food available irrespective of the season was unknown in 1963 - The washing went through the mangle then put on to the washing line (traditionally on Monday).  We observe the injury to the Doctor in the pilot series "Edge of Destruction" is only a virtual injury, it seems, because when Iain looks at the Doctor and checks vital signs there is no bump on the back of The Doctor's head though.  The Doctor is very much a human alien compared to how he is a few regenerations later - a virtual machine created by it's own existence even modern Sci-fi has not come close to exploring that idea again.

With colour TV and higher production standards the sets which are now very good. Now when the sets and props are poorer they now stick out as poor such as in the Invasion of the Dinosaurs stood out for having dreadful model dinosaurs.  The new companion Sarah Jane Smith in that story is again performing to the best possibly out shining Doctor No. 3 in get on a sorting it, investigating. climbing, escaping looking sick when she has told the General about the bad stuff to find he is on the wrong side (I really know how to pick the wrong friends), meanwhile the doctor is making gadgets and driving his fancy new flying car.  Ends in a strong moral, typical of the early 1970's, the point is on damage we are doing to everything and ourselves.  Similarly in The Green Death the Doctor leaves a strong message about corporate corruption, power of computers, the need to develop Vegan food (fungus) to feed the world but the production had bad rolling scenery behind moving vehicles.

Atmospheric CO2 reaches 400ppm

A Lost city of gold found

But the era over the past 30 years is of the couch potato living on home delivered pizza and complaining about foreigners who work to bring those things to his couch, I said before seems to be as if the ways of Royalty are copied by the masses.  That way of living is not sustainable, even if it is populist. It is a mistake to live regardless of nature.  100 years ago The British Empire we lived off of, the sun never set on also contained a quarter of the worlds population who had British passports allegiance to Queen, still have, and have a reasonable expectation to come back to the homeland.  

TV Propaganda can Subtle or can be blatant both work

If our past actions were turned back on us would you have the Falklanders back here? Would they want to come probably no.  Of cause if the Native Americans (Red Indians) were to be able to enforce those old treaties signed in the 19th century you would have 250 Million people coming home from Canada and the United States.  I believed we need to come to terms with our lot there is no other way! The consequence of pushing the Nuclear button from one Trident submarine in the UK could amount our demise. http://www.wiseinternational.org/node/3964 

 There is some lovely Doctor Who inspired art on the website http://janjygiggins.deviantart.com/  Marco Polo's caravan trailing off in to the distance at the top of the world with a gift for an Emperor a police box tied on a wagon.

http://janjygiggins.deviantart.com/art/The-Cosmic-Hobo-383105614 The the ring was only warn by the first Doctor having slipped of the second Doctor's finger.

http://janjygiggins.deviantart.com/art/Bigger-on-the-Inside-156267892 The Best TARDIS interior the time rota lasted a long time but I think is gone now.

http://janjygiggins.deviantart.com/art/Cambodia-93477434 I don't remember this one Dr/Biggles?

http://janjygiggins.deviantart.com/art/Constantinople-93258164 Or remember this either.

http://janjygiggins.deviantart.com/art/Cherry-Blossom-93476973 is this Marco polo?

Fiction predicts how the future could turn out;

The Omen 

In the 1971 film The Omen, the second coming predicted in The Book of Revelations is the anti-Christ. One aspect of the prediction is a sneaking suspicion that powerful people are making things like this happen. Devil, or human nature, find work for idle rich hands.

Patrick Troughton Play the Priest, who has the birth mark of one of the Devils disciples but endeavours to prevent bad things happening. Either-way it portrays the in this fiction, necessary methods used to justify a prejudgement a child as going to be evil.  The story shows the American ambassador and his wife struggle with that dreadful knowledge about there son.

Quatemass the fourth and final story is a 4 part TV story broadcast and made in 1979; - This is not like the positive outcome that is in the first three story's from the 1950's.  There is an underlying pessimism about the use of science in such an expensive way but of little benefit to humanity. The USA/USSR joint missions in space for example.  The basic story is that the old men save the world.

Perhaps the film marks the end of an era in which people had homes jobs and a belief in society.  That 20th century era that had swept aside the nastiness of the Victorian era but built on rational science and technology.  This era had come to an end the story seems to observe.

Quatemass - Ringstone Round

The film in a way marks the current era of greed is good, money, war, arms sales and sides changing continually. But the populist young in the film have been mislead they can not hear the advice of the old people - that is true and false in a way, now 35 years later.

The bottom line is that a mixture of the State, the people and the old being both wrong, malicious, right and good. So like life never simply black and white, you have to solve a range of greys.

Mohamid Ali interviewed by Parkinson 1971

Can the universe live together harmoniously without the interventions of Captain kirk or  Doctor Who - the question is probably immaterial distances are too great for anyone to travel that far so the eventuality will never arise? The argument for segregation along race and colour lines is almost always associated, correctly, with racism. That is When The MP Enoch Powell surely made racist ("River's of Blood") speech's during a time in the 1960's of full employment would have been done in order to dived the workers and thereby drive down wages and conditions of all workers?  But here is a compelling different reason for segregation put by Mohamid Ali in 1971. I don't agree with him all the same. 

The next example shows that cleverly Lord Carrington gets a good decision from Mrs Thatcher despite her gut feeling probably being quite objectionable.


Interesting Lord Carrington was asked how he got Mrs Thatcher to go along with independence. He said she had an excellent mind and if you got in quick before her gut reaction cut in (which was to support the established apartheid) she would think it through.

Mrs Thatcher expected to need to wear dark glasses and worried about being mobbed when she arrived but Lord Carrington advised her correctly that that would not happen she was safe.

The talks between the different sides were quite a surprise to Lord Carrington they met like old school colleagues and talked to each other. Peter Carrington did argue with Robert Mugabe (I think) he said the mistake was that he thought power was being handed over for peace but the power it turned out was the end in itself.

Inconvenient truths - cliché but so worth saying;

Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2012

Arctic Sea Ice 'Death Spiral' - Evolution to July 2013

Arctic Sea Ice decline 1979-2013

Here are some talks on possessive messages - that is what ordinary people can do about things rather than the consequences of not doing those things;

Alberto Cairo There are no scraps of men  This should not need to be a subject of a talk but so many everyday good things are not reported.

Scilla Elworthy Fighting with non violence This ordinary person shows how empowered people are when they are discouraged by current culture.

USA does not interfere for the good of anyone but itself Star Trek portrays a different future but does not represent any policy objective. Here is a warning about American foreign policy; Lavrov: US must stop acting like global prosecutor, judge and executioner

 The Time lords Matrix

The incite gained by modelling and predicting the future also changes the future. Mind does model the future that is a survival strategy - cycles or war and comparative peace are fairly predictable.

I came across this film documentary presented by the Master of public deception Orson Wells (of War of the Worlds fame) I slightly remember watching this on TV originally. Orison Wells the actor and film producer became famous following a radio production of the H.G.Wells story The War of the Worlds (1938) set in real time and in which Americans listener's really did panic, pack and leave their homes.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow - Nostradamus ‎[1981]‎

In this documentary film Orson Wells shows us that all the things predicted 400 years ago came true up to the date of the film but then he tells the things that were predicted to follow. But Nostradamaus wrote that his predictions and can be changed, the film tells us. So I wonder if people have taken the prediction seriously and made it so that NATO countries approximately stir up and thereby have initiate WW3?

1. Edward Kennedy withdrew his candidacy.

2. There were no big catastrophic events of the millennium scale; Natural some hurricanes, The Sandoz chemical spill into the Rhine, Space Shuttle Challenger, Chernobyl, [followed Seascale (Windscale) and Three Mile Island but the Fukushima in 2011 years in Japan's may be the biggest], and the Air Raid on Libya launched from the UK (although small scaling killed the head of the country's son) may be significant in the precedent set launching an air raid by direct flight from England into Africa.

3. Many wars since and before. The state of the world is arms sales, sides changing and wars.

Obviously Nostradamaus wanted to change the cause of fate. The warnings in the Old Testament; Revelations, through to more recent warnings in fiction by HG Wells and such as the scientist James Lovelock. But why should the predictions be about this current era associated with the rise of technology that came about through the harnessing of stored high density fossil fuels? And what will happen as this era of fossil fuel abundance passes - will we have stepped up in to an era of technology and science or see that a simple Garden of Eden mostly healthy vegetable based diet is alight. Or will our Garden of Eden include sciences as celestial beings like Doctor Who?