Photographs June to October 2005

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Photographs June to October 2005

The De-La-Warr Pavilion,  

Bexhill, East Sussex,  reopened on 14 October 2005, these photos were taken in June before it was possible to photograph the pavilion because it was being renovated. More pictures of The De-La-Warr Pavilion, Home page

Opera House Tunbridge Wells.

 I saw Dick Wickington or Jack and the Beanstalk in about 1961, sadly this venue is just a pub now and this is how it looks Weatherspoons have done a good job but it is a shame that Tunbridge Wells Borough Council planning did not give the organisation who were perusing lottery sole planning consent funding so that more could have been preserved.  

Down House 

June - Darwin's Home near Farnborough in Kent. I first visited as a boy, a man in one of the rooms let me through the roped off bit to look in the microscope. A gardener gave me a pod of peas which I was unsure about eating but dad encouraged me and they were sweet and wonderful. I was learning that unlike mums food, food could be lovely.

Camber Castle, Rye, Kent, June.

Lake District VegiVentures holiday in Buttermere 3-17 September 2005.

Derwent Water, Lake District.

Mary from Scotland

Though the weather was very good for the two weeks in September it was damp a few times.

The tree root spirit who looked after us in Dalgarith, Buttermere the guest house where we stayed.

Lake Buttermere at sunrise - not such a good morning.

Buttermere from ... mountain which took me rather a long time to climb 500M

Heather stopped the car and let me take this photo.

The sea and Scotland is in the far distance.

Lake Buttermere where we did Yoga in the morning. 

Looking towards Lake Buttermere

Lake Buttermere

Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells.

The old Co-op, Lewes, East Sussex.