Summer 2015 Film Photography

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Available light photography 

The camera set for 400 ASA but I have reduced the exposure by a few stops in this case - Ragged Trousers, Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells - June 2015. The second picture people looked more comfortable and in any case it is a better picture. The trade/off of Depth of field, shutter speed and grain is not best. But the effect is pleasing. I have  quite a lot of fogging in these pictures so it is time that I dusted the sky-filter on the front of the lens. 

Camera is Cannon AE1 with a Cannon F3.5, 35-105mm Zoom lens. This lens is one of the first of its type that used aspherical glass lens elements. These were developed by Polariod a conventional spherical lens is heated and softened then pressed into a mould to make it aspherical. This process made it possible to make Zoom lens that would not be possible before the 1980's.

There is an electronic camera sensor with a similarly wide dynamic range developed in about 1995 by Each pixel is exposed by varying exposure time depending on the light level. This is done by creating each pixels with a simple transistor circuit to use its logarithmic characteristic circuit. Prototype were made with a dynamic range or 1,000,000:1 but these are not commercially available now but 100,000:1 may be.

Tinkers Park Steam event - June 2015. 

This is the first time I have used Illford XP2 film for 25 years. It is the first time that I have not used it in a completely manual camera. The Camera is nominally set at 400 ASA which has made the photos grainy although I would have in the past exposed at 50-100 ASA and perhaps 25 ASA for really sharp low grain pictures.

This was exposed at higher than 400 ASA which makes it grainy and look old.

It has been suggested to me that this picture would be better if I had narrowed the depth of field to just the Steam traction engine - I agreed. Thinking about it the whole scene captures people enjoying the day so the chap in the foreground the fence are all part of the atmosphere. But contemplating that I think I got it right in retrospect but I am pleased to have received the critical comment.

Some activity and it is nice that the guy posed for me. Do ask people to do that it does work.

Austin A40 with a camper van conversion apparently this conversion is quite common.

We are only here for the Beer and the notice tells us when the next event will be.

This is a Reliant Robin but with tracks and an outboard motor like a boat.

The motorbike is a Francis Barnett and mum was riding pillion until a day or so before I was born. It is the first model of motorbike to have swinging arm suspension rather than having solid frame. That would make the bike much more comfortable to ride.

Look again later he might be doing it with no hands.

Although the picture is low contrast the clouds in the sky are there not a white sky that you could have with colour film or digital. Please do look again.

Fairground Organ from the inside.

A scale model of a steam traction engine. I held the camera very steady putting my mind to it to capture some movement in the flywheel. About 1/20 second.

Fair ground organs restored and playing at the Park. This is a permanent museum. Available light photography once again.

Grosvenor and Hilbert Recreation Ground, Tunbridge Wells, Heavy horses - July 2015

Unfortunately I dropped the camera and have attempted to re-align the focus. Oh dear it is (was) a particularly good camera of its time.  Noted for having all the things needed like a button by the left finger to add +1.5 stops exposure lock by half pressing the shutter release on the right top was normal and in this particular model is a hard wearing detachable lens mounting system.

Photo taken at 1/1000 second maximum aperture. This is the first time that I have used the Macro setting on this lens. In film photography that means that the image on the film and therefore contact print will be the same size as the subject. The meaning is not the same for digital photography because the camera element's size is abstract. In some digital cameras such as my IXUS60 it mean set the auto focus to focus on near objects as opposed to infinity or let the camera do it using the strategy chosen. Lesson don't try macro photography when the wind is blowing - this is not the thistle flower I was aiming for just the another that I caught in about the right place.

A very good tip other than don't drop a Camera and this is the first time I have done that. Don't bring the camera out until you really want to take a picture then take one picture and of cause take another if you need to say because you see that you missed the moment, but then put the camera away. It is a discipline that I don't always manage but one correct picture is worth more than a pile of near misses. In any case you can not decide between pictures two picture any way. So criticise your one just right picture and do it even better next time. 

When you have taken some pictures but I have posted some poor ones here. Keep looking at them put some to the side but look again ask friends to look also someone will say did you see that then select what you want to keep. I have rejected a few in this film, and they are poorer technically and in composition. I have reminded myself how to use this (as dad told me use a low ASA and 25 ASA is very good) wonderful low contrast very wide dynamic range film. And it can be processed C41 as if it were colour print film so you can turn around a film in a local shop in a few hours if you wish. 

The above picture was one of the first set of pictures I took using the original XP1 film it is exposed at F22 at 30th second and the light is very poor so the ASA may be nominally 3,000 (I don't know but I new I as pushing it) - TW-CND View through outer perimeter fence of Molesworth USAF Base,  Winter 1986 (film: XP1, Camera: Agfa Silette I, 45mm focal length lens) The centre of the negative only has been used. Dad printed it for me and said this was as much as he could enlarge the picture without it breaking up.