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Cllr. James Scholes,                                                                                                  xx, xxx Road,

Town Hall,                                                                                                                High Brooms,

Tunbridge Wells.                                                                                                      Tunbridge Wells,

Kent, TN4 xxx.

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Road Building – SEERA

Dear James,

I understand that you are a member of South East England Regional Assembly. The assembly will be considering the Access to Hastings Study report at it’s meeting on on the 14 February. I am concerned that the assembly may not scrutinise the report as well as it should. I urge you to; Pursue a cause of action that would:-

1) Restore the environmental and public transport measures for Hastings.

2) Stop or delay the building of the bypasses on the following grounds;

A) Green field building would surely result in the run down parts of St. Leonards and Bexhill, which are being renovated being neglected for cheaper green field development. I understand that planning consent was given for the demolition of Marlborough Hotel in Warrior Square. Was this in anticipating of local developers preferring cheaper green fields for building on?

B) I understand that the western bypass goes through Combe Haven the most important archaeological site in the South East. Both bypasses are very damaging.

C) Net loss of 300 jobs if the bypasses are built with the green field development.

3) Study Tunbridge Wells Rail options further. I am disappointed that any road capacity or speed increase should occur on the A21 at Castle Hill, particularly because the consultants draw attention to the good safety record of this section. Perhaps if Tunbridge Wells had been studied fully the consultants would have been permitted to consider the restoration of the rail line Tunbridge Wells to Lewes. Potential for increased accessibility to Tunbridge Wells by rail is an unexplored feature of the town. For example the waste transfer depot at North Farm is next to the rail line.

I don’t know what avenues you have to pursue these points put defer to your experience. Finally where do we stand at present on Star Line and St. Matthews School – it appears that, like for Southborough, things have stopped moving?


Andrew Lohmann